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Jill Dillard Confirms She Almost Never Visits Her Parents

Jill Dillard and Derick don’t appear on TLC’s Counting On anymore. And for a long, time fans suspected a feud between Jim Bob, Michelle, and Jill. this weekend, Jill shared on her Instagram Stories that they did an extensive Q&A over on YouTube. And she confirmed that they almost never visit the Big House, They also answered other questions that fans sent them.

Jill Dillard & Derick Only Went To Her Parents’ House Once

Recently, fans saw that Jill and Derick attended the wedding of her brother Justin to Claire Spivey. She shared on Instagram that they just made “a quick date trip to the wedding.” That came on February 28. But on March 1, Hillary Spivey, Claire’s mom posted that Michelle Duggar was still there. So, it looks like some of the family stayed over and Jill and Derick just attended the wedding and then left.

Counting On fans know that Jill Dillard and Derick left the show because they never got paid for their appearances. He opened up and said that the kids were told working on the show was a part of their mission to spread the word of God. And, they resented the fact that Jim Bob Duggar wanted Jill to continue filming after the Josh scandal about molestation broke. Additionally, they felt constrained by the show because they couldn’t make their own decisions about their own lives and careers. Jim naturally became angry at all the negative publicity. So, Jill only visited the Big House once.

In their Q&A, the TLC alums talked about how rarely they visit the Duggars

On Sunday, March 21, Jill Dillard directed her fans to their blog. There, she explained that they continue answering everyone’s questions. Over on YouTube, their Q&A session covered lots of questions. These included “side hugging” and “marriage,” possibly raising a daughter, and more. We’ll cover some of the other questions here, but the visits to the Big House probably interests fans the most. Someone asked, “Do y’all ever visit the big house?” Derick and his wife replied although she did most of the talking.

Jill Dillard first explained, just in case some people are unaware, that the Big House is where her “parents live.” Notably, she never used the terms “mom and dad.” In her reply, she said, “not much.” Actually, they “haven’t been over there for a while.” Additionally, she continued by saying they went there “once in a couple of years.” Derick interjected and said she took “the mail” across there. Jill picked up the conversation by saying “there’ve been some restrictions, but they also “prioritize” this “season of life.” She mentioned their “mental and emotional health.” Plus, they “have a lot going on in [their] life.”

Counting On Alums Also Consider The Coronavirus

Jill Dillard also mentioned that “COVID” makes things more difficult. They “try and keep their circle smaller.” Fans of Counting On also know that Derick and Jill seem a bit more responsible with wearing their masks. Whereas, the rest of the Duggar family don’t mind big gatherings. There, it seems that nobody social distances or uses masks.

When a fan asked about raising a “daughter…without relying on a man,” the couple gave an interesting answer. Derick said that if they raise more kids of either gender they hope they become as “independent as possible.”

Next, Jill Dillard and Derick answered about whether they felt awkward going from “side hugging to married.” They agreed that it felt fine because they loved each other. In fact, Derick felt it’s no different for them than other “newlyweds” learning about each other.

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