Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Reveals Kody Brown Does Not Respect Her Opinion

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveals it must be tough been married to Kody Brown. In a recent video shoot to promote the ongoing season of Sisters Wives on the TLC Network, the third wife of Kody, Christine Brown, opens up on coping with been the wife of her polygamous husband. Well, Kody has an annoying character that can be unbearable most times.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Does Not Respect My Opinion

The 48-year-old star of the Sisters Wives reality show said it is challenging to be part of a polygamous marriage, though the one thing that irks her about the relationship is the fact that Kody does not consider her opinion about any issue they discuss, as important. She said that the jas always asked herself the question: “Does my opinion matter at all?” She divulged this important information during the video trailer on the 18th of March.

Christine Brown said that any time they had important decisions to make as a couple, that 52-year-old Kody did not have regard whatsoever for her suggestions or opinions. In other words, she feels that she has no say in the marriage as a whole. She admits that it is at this particular juncture that they struggle as a couple, as she feels pained and left out.

Apart from her relationship with Kody, Christine went on to reveal that she finds it difficult to watch other wives of the show, 50-year-old Meri, 51-year-old Janelle, and you hear wife, 42-year-old Robyn, struggle to maintain a good relationship with their husband.

The ongoing season of Sisters Wives has centered around the difficulties between Meri and Kody, as their estranged relationship has been up for discussion more often than not. As his legal and first wife, Meri Brown has been through a lot with Kody.

Sister Wives Updates – Marriage Struggles Between Kody And Meri

In the same interview, Christine revealed that Meri has been strong through her difficult times with Kody. However, she felt that all marriages experience the same thing at one time or the other.

Meri Brown recently opened up on her rocky relationship with Kody I’m a recent interview with an online magazine. She said that she was not contemplating divorce though their marriage was in a “dark place”, and that she was not ready to give up as she was holding up to her decision to be committed to the marriage. She went to say that while she respected the opinion of her husband regarding the state of their marriage, that she was at peace with the small steps they were making towards rekindling their romance.

It will be recalled that in a February interview with an online publication, Kody made some revealing comments about his legal marriage of over three decades to his first wife, Meri. He said that they were hanging on by a thread in their marriage, but hoped that deepening their communication chord could help them get through it.

Sisters Wives airs every Sunday at 10 pm on the TLC Network.

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