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Counting On Joy-Anna Duggar Shares an Honest Message About Motherhood

Counting On Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth isn’t afraid the tell the truth about motherhood. She’s honest about the ups and downs that come along with it. On social media, she’s giving fans a real look into her life as a mom to two little kids.

Joy-Anna Duggar shows what her real life looks like

In a new social media post, Joy-Anna shares a photo of her husband and two kids, Gideon, 2, and Evelyn, 7 months, sitting on the floor together. They’re playing and having fun while Joy-Anna snaps a photo.

Around them, the house is slightly in disarray, or so Joy-Anna thinks. It’s not too messy though. There are some toys and clothes on the floor around them.

Gideon is wearing sunglasses and smiling at his dad, Austin Forsyth. Beside them, Evelyn looks at her big brother while in the crawling position. Joy-Anna recently shared that Evelyn is learning how to crawl.

Joy-Anna explains, “Please excuse our messy house… We are busy making memories.” She put a positive spin on it. It’s possible she did this to combat the critics. Often, Joy-Anna and Austin are criticized for how they raise their kids. They are called out in their comments sections for any little thing they do. This time around, most of the comments appear to be positive.

Fans are happy to see such an authentic social media post

Often, on social media, photos have filters applied to them and houses look spotless. It looks like Joy-Anna wants to stop herself from being too fake. Obviously, she’s a busy mom to two kids. Her house can’t be spotless, no matter how hard she tries. Fans really seem to appreciate this.

In response to the post, fans are pointing out that their own houses look much worse. They are proud of Joy-Anna for focusing on her kids and their happiness rather than trying to keep her home looking perfect. One of Joy-Anna’s followers mentions that toys shouldn’t count as a mess. After all, the kids are enjoying themselves. One fan offers a great word of advice, writing, “Sticky floors and laundry piles can always wait. Babies grow up way to quickly. Enjoy each moment!” Based on Joy-Anna’s post, it seems like she will agree with this statement.

Fans hope that Joy-Anna isn’t too hard herself when it comes to messes. They want her to enjoy her time with her kids, especially when they’re young.

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