Sister Wives Spoilers: One Sister Wife Is A Felon

Sister Wives spoilers reveal and updates that Robyn Brown is still a felon. That’s what Twitter says at least and would Twitter ever lie? When we look at the laws of polygamy in the United States, most states do consider it to be a felony, but Utah has since changed the law making it just a misdemeanour.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Browns Are Felons

In the grand scheme of things, according to the law, the Brown family from Sister Wives, are all felons. Plural marriage is frowned upon and the Browns have been very open about being polygamists. Of course, social media paints a different picture of the Browns and no matter what has happened, they have not been convicted of the felony, but the online trolls love to bully them.

Unfortunately, the web is just a place to stir the pot and the Browns have taken a lot of backlash for their plural marriage. When Utah decriminalized polygamy, the Browns were very excited and they have been thinking a lot about moving back. What is stopping them? Would things change if they went back to Utah?

Sister Wives Updates – Robyn Brown Speaks Out

One of the most faithful of the Brown wives is Robyn. When she found out about the changes that Utah made, she took to social media to express her views. She wrote, “I used to think that I would never see the day when the horrible polygamy laws would be changed. I feel pretty lucky to see this day. I hope this blesses the plural families in Utah.”

Of course, Robyn’s fans came to her and asked her why she decided to join a plural marriage. One wrote to her, “I don’t understand polygamous relationships, but I don’t judge you guys either. We all have to choose the life we want to live. Hope only the best for you guys.”

There have been fans that told Robyn that they will never understand why she stays with Kody Brown and they even hinted that it was for the paycheck.

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