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Ryan Edwards And His Family Evicted From Teen Mom OG

Fans of the reality TV show, Teen Mom OG must be thrilled at the latest events coming out of the show. Producers of the show recently made it known to Ryan Edwards that he was been evicted from Teen Mom OG. What makes it even exciting- if you forgive the punk is that it is not only Ryan who is getting kicked out of the show. His wife, McKenzie, Jen, his morgue, and his rather annoying and self-centered father, Larry we’re also informed that they had to leave.

Maci Demands For Edwards Family Eviction

According to an insider, the eviction of the Edwards family is at the behest of Teen Mom, Maci Bookout. Reliable sources revealed that Maci demanded that producers of Teen Mom OG get rid of the Edwards, in the shortest time possible. They made it clear to the Edwards that Maci wanted to steer the show in the direction that focuses more on her stories, instead of the attention the Edwards family were getting from the fans. In other words, Maci didn’t want the show to be all about the Edwards family. It is a reality show highlighting the challenges faced by Teen Moms after all, so it makes sense for Maci to want the Edwards axed from her season.

The show is not about Edward and his dysfunctional family, it should be about Teen Mom, Maci Bookout.

Why The Edwards Got Evicted

The current season of Teen Mom OG has centered more on the tension between Maci and the family of her ex-baby father. The Edwards have continuously accused Maci of preventing Ryan from forming a relationship with the 12-year-old son, Bentley, that he shares with her.

However, MTV star Maci says that Bentley does not want to have anything to do with the Edwards family.

Ryan is not an ideal father model for Bentley, as he has been battling substance abuse for several years. It is well-known that he has been in and out of rehabilitation programs lots of times, with his bizarre behavior publicly exhibited on the show. This included his rather erratic wedding to his wife, McKenzie, in a car parking garage. Apart from his drug abuse problem, he has hardly catered to the needs of Bentley.

Well, Ryan who dated Maci when she was 16 years old, is clean and ants to spend more time with his son. For example, Bentley turned 12 years in the last episode, but the Edwards were not invited to his birthday party. This was not to the delight of Jen Edwards, who felt that they were been alienated from Bentley’s life.

Fans of Teen Mom OG will recall that Taylor Linney, the husband of Maci, Mb way exchanged blows with Ryan’s father, Larry at the Teen Mom OG reunion event this year. McKenzie also verbally abused Maci in a February episode of the show as well.

Well, it seems both incidents made Maci go firm on producers to remove the Edwards from further episodes.

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