Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s Net Worth

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that fans of the show are curious about the net worth of one of the original couples, Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. Supporting multiple wives isn’t cheap and some fans are very curious to know what these two do for work and how much they make off of the show.

The Snowdens and Their Lifestyle

After seeing the Snowdens on the first season of Seeking Sister Wife, fans are curious what they do for a living and what made them want this plural marriage. Dimitri wanted to add another wife to their lives and he dated a lot of women. When he met Vanessa Cobbs, he thought he had found the one. After joining their marriage, things just didn’t work out and she left the Snowdens.

Dimitri works in a very specialized field. He works in ontological architecture. His speciality is using human behavior to help him with technology. He has worked with many corporations and agencies and seems to do pretty well for himself. Ashley is a singer and dancer. She also takes care of their children, which is a full time job!

How Much Are They Worth?

It looks like the Snowdens are worth around one million dollars. Being on the show brings in a little more money, but for the most part, the money comes from their full time jobs. They are a very popular couple and this show has put them on the map! Perhaps Dimitri could find more clients by sharing his story with the world.


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It is nice to see that the Snowdens have most of their life figured out, but why do they want to add another wife to it? Is it to help with their sex life? Do they want to add to their family for financial gain or just to fill a void? We will have to stay tuned to Seeking Sister Wife on TLC to find out more about the Snowdens.

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