Duggar Fans Love These New Pictures of Ben & Jessa Seewald’s Kids

Duggar fans are always happy to see new photos of the kids and grandkids. Some of the kids are more active on social media than others though. Recently, Ben and Jessa Seewald haven’t been sharing quite as many photos of their kids as they used to. Jessa is currently expecting her fourth child, so it’s likely that she’s busy preparing for their new addition to arrive this summer. Her three kids are also young and keep her busy. She may not have a lot of time to post on social media. Nonetheless, fans are glad that both Ben and Jessa shared recent updates.

Ben & Jessa Seewald’s kids

Ben and Jessa currently have three kids. Baby number four will arrive this summer. The family hasn’t shared the specific due date, but the baby will be here very soon. Sadly, before getting pregnant this time, Jessa had a miscarriage. From what she’s shared so far, it seems like this current pregnancy is going smoothly.

Ben and Jessa’s first son, Spurgeon Elliot, is five years old and will turn six in November. Their second son, Henry Wilberforce, turned four in February. Ben and Jessa’s third child is a little girl, Ivy Jane, who will be two years old in May.

Ben & Jessa document sweet moments with their kids

On their Instagram pages, both Ben and Jessa both shared new photos of the kids. In Jessa’s post, she’s sitting on the couch and all three of the kids are piled on top of and around her. Jessa and Spurgeon are smiling, but Henry’s making a silly face. Ivy seems to be interested in Henry’s face so she’s not looking at the camera. In her caption, Jessa wishes her followers a happy Sunday.


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Ben posted a few photos from a day outside with the kids. His first shot is of Ivy sitting in the stroller eating an apple. Another picture features Spurgeon looking up at the camera with the grass in the background. The final photo in the post is of Henry. He’s not facing the camera, but it looks like he found a treasure on their walk – a stick. The Duggar son-in-law writes, “It’s always good to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine!”

Duggar fans love the new photos

In response to their new social media posts, fans are commenting and talking about just how cute the little ones are. They think Ben and Jessa’s kids are the cutest of all of the Duggar grandkids, but of course, all of the children are adorable.

Fans hope that Jessa and Ben will continue sharing updates about their sweet family as it grows. They are hoping for news about Jessa’s pregnancy as well.

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