Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Moriah Path and Max Kallschmidt Look Tight

Welcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that Moriah Plath and her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt split. Fans saw that go down during Season 2 of the TLC show. However, it later emerged via their Instagram accounts, that they made up again. Surprisingly, Moriah’s mom and dad, Barry and Kim Plath seemed to approved of Max. But they cautioned Moriah about how far she took things with him. Plus, he rode a motorbike, a bit out there for the religious and conservative family. Nevertheless, these days they still look very tight together.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Reveal Max And Moriah Closer Than Ever

When TLC fans saw that Max and Moriah split, they felt very sad about it. After all, they felt that she probably really enjoyed getting out and about for the first time. Obviously, a first love also comes with sentimental feelings. Recall, in Season 1 of the show, Moriah still lived at home on the farm in Georgia. Her parents described her as a bit of a rebel as she explored her emancipation. Hating Olivia, Ethan’s wife for influencing the kids, they made life unpleasant. So, Moriah and her brother Micah went their own ways.

Welcome to Plathville Season 2 spoilers revealed that Ethan and Olivia split even further from the family. Micah got on with a successful modeling career. Plus, Moriah introduced Matt to her family. Short-lived, some fans blamed Kim for the breakup. However, Moriah and Max declared that they preferred remaining just friends. So, when fans heard the couple reunited, they cheered them on. This Valentine’s Day, Moriah described her nine months with Matt as “heaven.” Now, it looks like she still lives in her slice of heaven.


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Moriah Visits With Max In Perry, Florida – They Seem Tight

New Welcome To Palthville spoilers came from Max on Monday, March 29. Taking to his Instagram, he shared a photo of them together. Taken at night, he captioned his photo with, “They say the wild cats come out at night! 🤪” Additionally, he tagged on another line. This time, it read, “Hometown conquering with my baby ❤.” It looked like Moriah possibly wore her bikini top under a loose T-shirt. Meanwhile, Max looked very handsome, fans agreed. In the comments section, Moriah thanked her boyfriend for showing her his “hometown.”

Welcome To Plathville spoilers reveal that Moriah probably still loves the support from Max. After all, very little support went her way from her overbearing parents. In the comments, many fans said how happy they feel for the young couple. One fan told Moriah and Max, “Love you two … make [an] amazing looking couple I must say …. good vibes to both of you too cuties ❤️.” Meanwhile, fans hope that if Max and Moriah survive together, that they see more of them in Season 3 of the show.

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