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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Did Whitney Way Thore Lose Weight

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that Whitney Way Thore has been losing a lot of weight lately. She has told fans that the reason she gained weight was because of her PCOS diagnosis. She loves her size and has fully embraced it. She wants to be a role model for women of any size, but after looking at her social media accounts, she has shed some pounds.

Did She Have Surgery?

Whitney has said on her show before that she thinks her life would be pretty easy if she was skinny. We saw the heartbreak that she went through with her ex-fiance, Chase Severino, and she has had a rough couple of years. After looking at her latest pictures, fans are starting to think that she had weight loss surgery.

We all know that she did have a consultation with a bariatric surgeon, but was she able to go through with the surgery and would this possibly change the idea of the show completely? Whitney’s friends and family don’t seem to be big supporters of the surgery and they think that she is now vain for even thinking about it.

Whitney’s Filters

Fans have started to notice that on Instagram, she has started to use very interesting filters. Is she trying to hide the weight loss? There are a few pictures that look like she is trying to give herself a double chin on purpose. There are others that make her face look skinny and even more defined than ever. This could be the result of the surgery.

Why would Whitney hide a weight loss surgery? Many fans think that she will make a new season of the show based on her weight loss journey and that could be the reason for her hiding her new look. Fans are skeptical because she had lost 70 more pounds during the Tell-All episode and that was the exact amount that she needed to lose in order to get the surgery.

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