Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Reveals The Catfish Scandal Affected His Relationship With Meri

Sisters Wives spoilers and updates reveals Kody Brown has admitted that he still holds grievances against his wife of over two decades, Meri, over the catfish incident.

Fans of the TLC series, Sisters Wives, will recall that the catfish incident involving Meri Brown happened over six years ago. Since that time, the relationship between Kody and Meri has taken a big hit as they hardly speak to each other without exchanging abuses.

In the recent episode of the show, Kody explains how the six-year-old incident affected his marriage with Meri a great deal. In other news, Kody is gradually becoming serious about adhering to the COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

Sisters Wives Spoilers – Kody Gives A Honest Opinion About His Relationship With Meri

When the catfish incident happened in 2015, there were a lot of heated arguments thereafter. In episode 7 of the ongoing season 15 of Sisters Wives, Kody finally spends some couple time with Meri after been separated for a long time and opens up on how that incident took its toll on their marriage. The Sisters Wives admitted that his relationship with Meri became so bitter when they communicated online and that they merely sought out means of exploiting each other.

A flashback video of the catfish incident was then played for the couple as they sat together. Looking back on it, Meri says she did not handle it well and would take a different approach to things now. She went on to add that pushing Kody away because of the incident remains one of the griefs she still has about the incident, as her relationship with Kody couldn’t get back to where it was.

Kody happens to agree with Meri, as he stated in an interview that he still feels hurt whenever he remembers the incident.

Kody Is Adhering To Social Distancing Rules

In the same episode of Sisters Wives, Kody Brown finally goes to the house of his first wife and is seen to be very careful about getting too close to Meri. He said it was in a bid to reduce the probability of him contracting the coronavirus as the daughter he shares with her, Mariah, recently brought over her fiance, Audrey, to spend some time in Meri’s house after traveling together for some time.

Sisters Wives Updates – Kody Brown Takes A Lighthearted Stance On The Catfish Incident

Kody took a jovial dig at Meri over the catfish embarrassment after maintaining social distance protocols. This happened after Meri told him to maintain his social distance, to which Kody jokingly replied that she told him something similar during the scandalous catfish incident.

At first, Meri thought he was still taking the matter personally, but Kody assured her that he was only teasing her. Meri felt better and joined in his merriment about the issue. Kody later admitted that the joke might have been insensitive but feels that laughing over the incident could help them both heal.

Well, it is nice to see Kody is getting over the happening, maybe we can see Kody and Meri forging a closer relationship from the shameful incident.

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