Jill Duggar Shows Off Gorgeous Family Photos

Counting On fans are obsessed with the new family pictures that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard had taken recently. Their family of four, plus their rescue dog, posed for photos in a field together. Jill and Derick have two sons, Israel, 5, and Samuel, 3. Their dog, Fenna, joined their family about a month ago.

For the photos, the family is dressed in neutral browns and creams, so their outfits coordinate nicely. Behind them, the sky is pink and blue as the sun sets.

Since they had their family photos taken, Jill has shared several snaps from the photo session. She promises that she has lots more to share too. So, fans should be on the lookout for more pictures of the Dillards.

The first photo that Jill shared from the session is of all four of the family members standing out in the field. They are all holding hands and big brother Israel is smiling at his younger brother Samuel.

In another snap, Jill and Derick pose together with the gorgeous sky in the background. Derick is looking at Jill and has his arm around her as she smiles at the camera. The most recent photos that Jill shared from this shoot are of the family sitting in the field together. Their dog jumped in the pictures for this one. She’s sitting beside Samuel and making him laugh in both of the photos. In one, she even tries to kiss the little guy.

Some fans suspect a pregnancy announcement

Some of the family’s followers are wondering if Jill and Derick had their pictures taken to announce a pregnancy. Maybe one of the photos coming soon will be of Jill showing off a little baby bump, a few fans think.

While it’s possible that Jill and Derick are expecting another child, they have been open about how they are currently using non-hormonal birth control and don’t plan on adding to their family too soon. So, unless their plans have changed a lot, they likely won’t be announcing a pregnancy with these photos.

For now, Jill and Derick are enjoying their two sons and the new dog too. Plus, they are navigating the challenging relationship they have with Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

No matter why the family had their photos taken, fans are glad they have updated professional pictures of the whole family. They’re glad they get to take a peek at the new photos from them as well.

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