Unexpected Fans Think Max Schenzel’s Paranoid About Chloe

Unexpected alum Max Schenzel appeared in the TLC show with Chloe Mendoza. The baby daddy came with a string of issues. Apart from drug addiction, he also faced charges for theft of a credit card, money and casino vouchers. He always seemed particularly unconcerned and even told Chloe he’d never end up in jail. Meanwhile, she vowed that if he did, he could expect “bye-bye daddy.” Well, he went to jail, and Chloe took out a restraining order. However, is he obsessed and growing paranoid about her these days? Fans seem to think so.

Unexpected Alum Max Continually Attackers Chloe Mendoza

Ava’s daddy ended up booted from Chloe’s life after he allegedly threw a phone at her mom. He faced charges of domestic abuse. Plus, other credit card-related offenses. Quiet for a little bit, he served time in jail. Emerging in January, Max resumed his attacks on Chloe and her mom. Actually, in early March this year, he launched a particularly vicious rant on his Instagram. Max ranted about how he got sober. And, how he’s such a good guy these days. Tooting his horn, he slammed anyone, including Chloe who ever said anything negative.

Unexpected alum Chloe recently renewed her restraining order. So, that means Max still can’t see their daughter Ava. Since then, he keeps on rolling out his angry protestations. Maybe one day, a less confrontational approach might work. But for now, TLC fans doubt he makes any headway. Actually, fans now believe that he’s becoming obsessed and paranoid about her. That seemed evident when he posted an Instagram story about hacking. Now deleted, 90 Day The Melanated Way got a hold of it and shared it with TLC fans.


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Paranoid Max Find Very Little Love From TLC Fans

The slide that the fan account shared revealed that someone tried logging into his email account. The Unexpected alum shared a screenshot of the standard warning about a suspicious attempt. Interestingly, he immediately blamed Chloe. In his caption, Max said, “When your ex tries logging into your email to get your passwords…a year after you’ve been broken up.” Hmmm. That raised a few eyebrows. After all, some fans pointed out that almost anyone in Arizona might have tried it.

One Unexpected fan gave Max some schooling. They wrote, “Literally no proof that she did it💀😭.” Plus, others noticed that it’s almost impossible for anyone to find out who made the illicit attempt. So, one person noted, “how does he for sure know its chloe? anybody can do that 😂✌🏻.” A few of them felt that Max becomes obsessed with Chloe as he mentions her almost daily. And others agree that he seems a bit paranoid about it.

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