Is Sister Wives Kody Brown taking a Fifth Wife?

Kody Brown’s fourth wife (Robyn Robyn Brown) has been on-off the news since the early hours of this month. At first, there was news that the couple was filing for a divorce. Now, within a few hours, another report about the polygamous family is making rounds. Although Robyn Brown is Kody’s favorite wife amongst other sister wives, reports have it that a fifth wife might be appearing on the polygamous family’s horizon in a short time. The swirling rumors have been somewhat confusing to fans and viewers of the sister wives reality TV show. Surprisingly, they have been curious to know if Robyn Brown would still maintain her slot as Kody’s favorite wife when the fifth wife (who presumably might be much younger) arrives.

News about the Fifth Wife is Nothing New for the Sister Wives

Yes, we are just 36hours into April and there are chances that you think this news might be one of those April pranks. However, as a fact, there were speculations – left, right, and center that Kody Brown wanted to take a fifth wife. The talks suggested that he was already in the process of courting someone new; so, it wasn’t entirely a rumor.

In March 2018, news about a fifth wife began to circulate through media outlets. At that time, Life and Style magazine reported an exclusive headline that Kody Brown had been rejected by a 25-year-old lady he was courting. The supposed 25-year-old was a divorcee and a mother of two adorable kids. Kody was believed to be “head over heels” at that time – with the mindset of having a young-hot-wife. Moreover, Robyn was reported to have been bothered by the idea of having a much younger wife to take her position as Kody’s favorite. However, many offline and online media houses including Distractify debunked any such rumor about a fifth wife.

Was the Rumor Entirely Debunked? : Let’s talk about Leah Marie Brown

Leah Marie Brown is 100% a household name within the sister wives fan base. Her name has been echoed often in the past few years as Kody’s rumored fifth-wife. According to Your Tango, Leah was recently rumored to be Kody’s fifth wife during the pandemic year in 2020. Besides, it wasn’t new news that Kody Brown wanted to have more children, although his four wives have made it clear to him that that wasn’t going to happen.

Was the Rumor Entirely Debunked? : Let’s Talk about Bonnie Dwyer

Hollywood Gossip reported that star-cast polygamous husband – Kody was courting Bonnie Dwyer. According to the reports, she is a little younger than Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn. However, Bonnie wasn’t a threat to make Robyn unhappy at that time.

An insider close to the polygamous family told Hollywood Gossip that “ Kody was looking for someone vibrant, someone still of child-bearing age in case he wants to have another kid. He has connections in the world of polygamy and a friend told him Bonnie would serve his every need, whim, and desire.

So, is Kody Brown taking on a Fifth Wife?

In a simpler sense, Kody Brown isn’t courting anyone at the moment. Although he wants more children, no fifth wife or potential wife is within the horizon to take Robyn Brown’s spot.

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