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Bachelor Nation Spoilers Reveal Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Clueless About Peeps

Bachelor Nation spoilers that emerged over the Easter weekend revealed that Kaitlyn Bristowe wants kids. Additionally, she seems really clueless about Peeps. Well, Jason Tartic reacted to the news about the kids. Plus, he raised the subject of Peeps. So, fewer comments went in about her desire for kids, and more people told Kaitlyn to steer clear of the sweet treat.

Bachelor Nation Spoilers – Kaitlyn Bristow Jokes About Having Kids

Kaitlyn’s popularity with ABC fans rose after she went on and won the Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy. However, fans who followed her journey on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette also like that she and Jason Tartic seem strong together. Mind you, she pranked him badly on April Fool’s Day and the story made it into the headlines via Cosmopolitan Magazine. Nevertheless, it seems like he took it with good humor, although Kaitlyn said on social media that he got mad about it at first.

Bachelor Nation spoilers show that Jason probably got over all the texts about a naughty photo on his social media. He responded with humor and positivity when Kaitlyn shared about kids on Easter Sunday. She shared a photo of herself with Jason dressed for Easter. Next, Kaitlyn captioned her post with, “I can’t wait till we have kids and I hide all their Easter chocolate in my belly.” In his reply, Jason approve of that and wrote, “🤣well said.”

Jason Talks About Peeps, Fans Urge Kaitlyn To Avoid Them

After Jason responded to the Bachelor Nation spoilers about Kaitlyn and kids, he talked about Peeps. He noted that she “didn’t know what Peeps were!” Well, it looks like she never tried them in her whole life. So, fans joined in the conversation. Actually, plenty of people urged her to keep it that way. If you don’t know, the sweet confection seems common in Canada and certain states in the USA. However, not everybody knows about the non-chocolate Easter candy. A cholate version emerged, but a lot of people can’t stand the little duck-shaped candies.

In the comments, Bachelor Nation Peeps-haters expressed their thoughts. One of them said, “as a fellow Canadian I have to sincerely urge you to never put one of those in your mouth. You’re welcome.” Nevertheless, that fan’s not alone. Another one noted, “Don’t do it Kaitlyn! Peeps are the NASTIEST thing ever🤢.” Similarly, this comment read: “you aren’t missing anything. They are awful! 🤮.”

Wow, it certainly seems like the sweet treats made by Just Born definitely don’t have universal appeal! Maybe Jason Tartic buys Kaitlyn Bristowe a huge bag of them one day, just so he can eat all of them by himself.

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