Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sidian and Tosha Jones Look For Another Wife

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sidian and Tosha Jones Look For Another WifeSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Sidian and Tosha Jones are ready to find another wife to add to their marriage. On the newest episode of the show, the couple goes out to a bar to find a wife to add to their marriage. Tosha has been nervous about a new wife, but she thinks that it is just what the couple needs.

Polygamy Didn’t Work Before

Tosha and Sidian have tried to be in a polygamous relationship before, but it just didn’t work. Many viewers aren’t sure why they are trying again, but they feel that another wife will really help them. Tosha’s mother is worried about her life in a polygamous marriage and she’s not very sure if she trusts Sidian.

Sidian and Tosha took to the bars to try and find another wife to join them. The couple wants to meet another woman face to face and not online. They feel that if they meet a woman at the bar, they will get a better idea of who she is. The couple can decide on if they are attracted to her or not.

Does This Method Work?

For many singles, going to a bar is one way to pick up a partner. Sidian and Tosha wanted to see if it would work for them too. The woman that they hit on at the bar works there and Sidian really thought that she had a thing for him. When Sidian was chatting with her, Tosha decided that she would try hitting on her too. Did this work for them?


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We learn that the bartender’s name is Faith and the couple jumped right in when telling her all about how they are in a polygamous relationship and they wanted to know if she would like to date them. Faith did end up chatting with them more about it and seems very interested. She gave them her number and they may have a new woman in this.

We hope to see what happens with Faith and perhaps she will join them.

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