Unexpected Spoilers: Did Matthew Blevins Attend Levi’s Birthday?

SEE AM FOR PICS Unexpected spoilers emerged about the birthday party for Mathew Blevins’ son Levi Carter. Now one year old, Hailey Tilford seemed excited about his special day. Sensibly, she planned a small family celebration with a few friends. After all, Levi’s still a bit young to understand much. On the morning of the birthday party, Hailey Tilford shared a gallery of throwback photos. Now the TLC alum updated with party pictures, fans wonder about Matthew.

Unexpected Spoilers Emerged On Levi Carter’s Birthday

TLC fans agree that Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford produced a lovely child. So, they became interested in Levi’s first birthday when Hailey talked about a small party for him. When his big day arrived, Hailey shared a gallery of photos. They revealed him from the day of his birth, and through all his milestones. Happy with the cute photos, fans really hoped for more photos of the actual birthday party. Well, that night, she delivered on that and shared loads of pictures of his fun day.

Naturally, Unexpected fans clamor for spoilers about Matthew Bevins. After all, a long time ago, he claimed he didn’t father the child. The hullabaloo about that erupted when TLC fans saw that Cole Smith attended Hailey’s baby shower instead of Matthew. In fact, Matthew seemed so angry that he denied his son and removed his name from his Instagram profile. Matthew missed the birth of Levi as well as the baby shower. But did he make it to Levi’s first birthday party?

Matthew Blevins Moved On With Another Girlfriend

Unexpected spoilers revealed that Hailey and Matthew reunited briefly after she booted Cole Smith. Well, between him and when she also booted Matthew’s half-sister’s uncle. They split again and from his Instagram, he looks tight with another girl. Between Hailey Tilford, his first girlfriend Hailey Tomlinson, and his new girl, Matthew seems very busy. Quite why, fans don’t know. After all, he spends most of his time smoking it up. Plus, rumors run around that he’s engaged in some sort of scam.

Nevertheless, Unexpected star Matthew Blevins at least put Levi back on his profile as his child. Briefly, he shared some photos of his boy. However, that came 13 weeks ago. So, did he make an effort and attend his first birthday this weekend? Hailey took to her Instagram and shared a whole gallery featuring Levi. He smashed his cake and enjoyed time with his grandfather, by the look of it. However, Matthew featured in none of them.

So, unfortunately, it seems that he didn’t attend Levi’s special day. Plus, Hailey didn’t mention him at all in her post. Do think he possibly attended, but Hailey kept it under wraps? Or, do you think he gave it a miss, just like her baby shower?

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