OutDaughtered Kids Play Ball But Where Is Hazel Busby?

The OutDaughtered kids enjoy a lovely front yard and a huge garden to play in. Luckily, Adam and Danielle earn a decent living from their businesses. So, the quints and big sister Blayke enjoy a swimming pool as well. On April 7, Adam shared a photo of the kids playing with a ball in the warm weather. However, fans noticed that Hazel Busby was absent in the photo. So where was she?

OutDaughtered Fans Know Hazel Suffers From Eye Problems

TLC fans often worry if they see Hazel missing from a photo. After all, they know that she suffers from eye problems. In fact, the poor little girl had early surgery and lives in fear of more. Sometimes, she tries tricking her parents when they question her about her eyes. In the last season of the show, fans saw her visit the eye specialist again. This time, she ended up wearing an eye patch. Hopefully, it works so she needn’t experience further surgery.

Sometimes, Hazel might fumble or drop things, but overall, she keeps up with the other OutDaughtered kids. In fact, she swims like a fish and learns ballet at the moment. So, why wasn’t she playing ball? Fans understand that perhaps she might have some difficulty with a fast-paced game involving a moving ball. Did she opt out because of that? Or, did she find something more interesting to do? Worse, did she opt out because of more eye problems? Fans want to know, so they asked about it. Actually, any time a kid’s missing from one of Adam Busby’s photos, fans grow anxious.


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Where Was Hazel Busby When The Other Kids Played Ball?

Adam Busby revealed Blayke, Parker, Riley, Olivia, and Ava on the lawn. In his caption, the OutDaughtered dad wrote: “Can’t beat this weather and evenings in the front yard.” As usual, lots of comments about the kids went his way. Naturally, as the quints turn six years old on April 8, many fans also sent in their best wishes for that. Nonetheless, Adam can’t get away with not showing Hazel and fans soon picked up on her absence.

One OutDaughtered fan commented, “I bet hazel was concentrated doing something else that doesn’t involve sports 😂❤️ love your family!.” Well, it turned out that’s exactly what Hazel Busby was up to. So, it seems that the little redheaded quint’s just fine. Adam replied, and fans love it when he does that. Actually, many reality TV stars just don’t answer many questions at all.

In his reply, Adam said, “she was collecting June bugs in a bubble wand container…😂” Actually, that sounds exactly like something that might keep the cute quint absorbed for hours.

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