Are Jeremy And Audrey Thinking Of Having More Children?

Are Jeremy And Audrey Thinking Of Having More Children?Former stars of the TLC series, Little People, Big World, Jeremy, and Audrey Roloff are blessed with two adorable children- their 3-year-old daughter Ember, and their 1-year-old son, Bode. The couple has often been asked by fans of the reality series if they intend to have more children. That burning question has not been answered by the couple, but they recently gave a response on social media.

The Social Media Savvy Couple

The couple has a huge fanbase on their separate social media handles, with who they are never afraid of engaging in interesting conversations constantly. They do not just relate with their fans about the show, as they are both known to publicly make statements about other issues. Their openness and sincere take on issues been discussed have made them highly commended by fans. With so much love from the fans, there is no reason why Audrey and Jeremy will be afraid of sharing posts on social media.

Audrey recently made a post on Instagram where she gave room for her fans to ask her any questions, to which she will respond. You can guess what most fans asked Audrey without hesitation. As expected, the question asked by the majority of her fans was if she and Jeremy were planning on having any more children.

Audrey Talks On The Prospect Of Having More Children

The response Audrey gave to the question was straightforward. She disclosed that she and Jeremy were planning on having more children as they have always dreamed of having a big family. However, she didn’t state the particular number of kids they have in mind.

But from a previous statement by the couple, it is most likely going to be four children. For a couple who started having kids early into their married life, the probability of having four kids is possible. It will be recalled that Audrey got pregnant two months into their marriage, giving birth to Ember.

Audrey has clearly stated that the particular number of children they want is something that will become definite in the future, as they were taking things slowly and seeking counsel from God. So, they might decide to have more than the four children they previously said, or stick to their original plan of just four.
Their daughter, Ember is two years older than her brother Bode who celebrated his one-year birthday party in January this year. The couple has not revealed the age gap they desire between their kids though. This means Audrey and Jeremy might be thinking of having another child soon to the delight of their fanbase. That is if they intend to stick to their plan of having a kid every two years.

At the moment, Audrey and Jeremy are only thinking of spending lots of quality time with Ember and Bode. Pictures of the duo are constantly posted on social media by their parents, with fans always commenting on how fast they are growing up.

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