Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Used The Pandemic To Gets Kody’s Help

Sister Wives spoilers show us that some viewers think that Robyn Brown has used the pandemic as a way to get Kody Brown to help her with her children. The youngest wife, Robyn has been Kody’s favorite for quite some time and now that she has smaller children, it seems that Kody has definitely played some favorites.

Kody Stays With Robyn For the Quarantine

Somehow we all knew that Kody would have to stay with Robyn when the quarantine began. She does have younger children and it is important that she gets all the help she needs with them. She told fans, “I have little kids and so I kind of had run my will with Kody with whatever he decided to do.”

Robyn wanted her children to still be able to see their father and it would have hurt them dearly if that wasn’t possible.

Not only does it seem that Robyn is Kody’s favorite, but this season has shown a lot of details about their relationship. We have also seen a new side to her that appears to be a little bit jealous of the other wives. She has shown some jealousy for Christine Brown after she got a chance to travel in order to attend her daughter’s back surgery.


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COVID-19 Turns Up the Stress

No matter what has happened with Robyn and Kody this season of Sister Wives, they have both shown some frustrations and anxieties about the pandemic. Kody felt that he should only stay at one wife’s house because he didn’t want to put his entire family at risk. The couple did talk about how safe the producers have been during filming.

Robyn told fans, “TLC’s been very, very careful about making sure we’re all being very, very careful as far as our crew’s concerned and we’re concerned. We’re making sure that we’re following protocols so that they can keep everybody safe.”

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