Justin & Claire Duggar Share an Update As They Adjust to Married Life

Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey in February 2021 after they courted for about a year. The family kept the courtship under wraps for the most part, but they were excited to announce Claire and Justin’s engagement and wedding news. Hilary Spivey, Claire’s mother, confirmed that the pair went on a honeymoon amid the pandemic, but she didn’t share any details. Now, the couple is home from their honeymoon and adjusting to married life. They seem to be very happy and are enjoying getting to know each other.

In a recent update from TLC, Justin and Claire discuss married life and how things are going a couple of months into this new chapter. In the clip, Justin says, “The wedding day was awesome. I mean, of course, that’s every guy’s expression, but it was really something that was super memorable and I wish we could go back to that day every once in a while — and just replay it all over again.”

They’re learning a lot

Because of the Duggar family’s religious beliefs, Justin and Claire didn’t live together before getting married. They have had many opportunities to get to know each other better now that they are married.

Since they moved in together, they have noticed some of the differences in each other’s routines. Claire says, “In the mornings, I’ll have to get up and have a little time to get ready and whatever, and he can wake up and be like, ‘Oh! I’m supposed to be out the door in ten minutes. Got to go!'”

Justin is trying to help his new wife out by making her tea in the morning. He explains how this is going, saying, “She can’t go in the mornings without a cup of tea — hot tea. She always has to have her hot Earl Grey tea, and done a certain way, which I’m figuring out.”

Where do Justin and Claire Duggar live now?

In most Duggar marriages, the kids end up staying in Arkansas. This is where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar live. One Duggar daughter, Jinger Vuolo, ended up moving to Laredo, Texas with her new husband Jeremy. Now, they live in Los Angeles, California with their two children.

Justin and Claire also opted out of living in Arkansas. In the video update, they share that they now live in Texas. They live near Claire’s family.

It sounds like Claire and Justin are having a great time settling in as a married couple. They are very excited about what’s next for them.

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