Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Talks Biological Clock While Kody Brown Considers Adoption

Sister Wives spoilers suggest that Robyn Brown wants a new baby while Kody Brown seems to be on another page. However, Kody’s suggestion has some fans up in arms.

Robyn Brown Wants Another Child

Sister Wives Robyn wants a definite answer from Kody about having more children. Recently, when they visited the Darger family, Kody seemed determined to have more children. At the time, Robyn commented that Kody needed to actually have to carry a child to term and deliver just one of them. Robyn seemed to feel that Kody thought he gave birth to the children instead of his wives. Robyn was upset with Kody and did not seem interested in more babies at all. Now it seems that the tables have turned, and Robyn is the one wanting a child. Robyn pointed out that she is over 40 and her biological clock is ticking. Kody certainly did not seem to want to give her an answer right away.

Robyn Brown Feels She Made Promises Before Birth

Sister Wives Robyn believes that you meet your children in the spirit world and make promises to bring them into the world. Robyn cries (nothing new there) stating that she does not want to leave anyone behind. Robyn says there has been a little dark-haired boy hanging around her lately and Kody says maybe they are meant to adopt. Kody goes on to say that his blonde hair seems to dominate with it comes to the kids but then again, his other wives are all partially blonde as well. Robyn’s dark hair could easily dominate once. However, the couple never actually concluded one way or the other about having more kids.


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Kody Brown Seems Worn Out

After Kody’s comments this past week the man seems to be worn out. When Sister Wives’ Kody talks about dealing with his four-year-old daughter he refers to it as mental exhaustion. Apparently, the little girl and her night owl ways get to her father. Kody cannot handle being up with her and says he feels like his head is bobbling while she is running all over. Perhaps Kody just feels like it is time to be a grandpa and not a father. Whether he admits it or not, Kody seems to just want to be done with kids. Could it be a mid-life crisis as his son has suggested?

Sister Wives’ Kody and Robyn should eventually decide something before it is too late. Hopefully they won’t wait until the choice is made for them.

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