Lisa Vanderpump Mourns The Passing Of Prince Phillip

Lisa Vanderpump heard the news that Prince Phillip passed away. Along with the rest of the world, she harbors her own opinions about the Royal Family, and she mourns his passing. It sounds like she feels terribly sad for the Queen, and described their relationship as “a love affair.” Well, almost anything anyone says about the family brings a lot of conflicting responses. So her Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules fans had a lot to say in the comments.

Lisa Vanderpump Sad As She Thinks The Queen Loved Prince Phillip

The whole world watches as Harry left Meghan behind and flew over to the UK for his grandfather’s funeral. Apparently, she remained behind as she’s pregnant. But some people might wonder if she rather avoids the media circus there. Especially, after she and Harry literally accused the Royal Family of racism. The interview by Oprah brought a sharp denial from Buckingham Palace.

Actually, Lisa Vanderpump isn’t alone in thinking sad thoughts for Queen Elizabeth. After all, they shared their lives for 70-odd years. Even if it started out as an arranged marriage, clearly the Royals enjoyed some good times together. Harry, of course, seemed particularly close to his grandfather, so the racial scandal came at a bit of a bad time. It seems unfortunate that Phillip heard about it soon before his death. Actually, there might be a few awkward moments for Harry and no doubt, the media make a huge circus out of it.

Some Bravo Fans Disagree With The Description Of A ‘Love Affair’

Some fans of Lisa Vanderpump disagree that Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth ever loved each other. One of them told her, “uhhh… it was a freaking arranged royal bloodline marriage… nice try Lisa.” And one of them became really sarcastic, noting, “Yes, we need to come together and celebrate this love of cousins. Inbreeding is such a rarity these days. Cousins nailing cousins. Where has the love gone.

Lisa Vanderpump found a lot of fans from her time with Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. Additionally, she rakes in more fans who watch Vanderpump Rules. Meanwhile, others follow her because she works hard for dogs with her foundation. So, as you can expect, opinions vary widely on her social media. Others really liked that Lisa honored the Queen and her late husband. One of them commented, “Thankyou Lisa as a Brit this means a lot right now knowing just because you now live in a different country your still paying respect, (sic).”

The Queen Probably Grieves

The Queen probably really grieves. As one fan of Lisa Vanderpump pointed out, the death of a husband or wife really hurts deeply. Getting on in advanced years, Prince Phillip’s wife probably found a lot of things to love about the man who spent a lifetime by her side.

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