My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Is Whitney Way Thore Staying Off The Radar?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers and updates reveal Whitney Way Thore of TLC show seems to be staying away from the limelight. Fans of the reality TV star have noticed that Whitney has been staying off social media in recent months. In March, Whitney had only two personal posts on Instagram. During the same month, she also made two other posts but they were sponsored posts. This development is quite unusual for Whitney even though the show is in between seasons. With the silence, fans are unable to keep track of their fav’s activities.

Is there a Reason for the Reality Star’s Decision to Stay off the Radar?

Last month, there was a lot of speculation about whether Whitney has lost weight or not. In the photos the reality star posted towards the end of March, she was only showing her neck and her face. This, coupled with the fact that Whitney continuously talked about undergoing a weight reduction surgery during the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, brought on all the speculations about her new weight. Fans felt she lost about 70-100 lbs. The rumors of her drastic weight loss were fueled by the odd angles she was taking her pictures from during that time. In some of her pictures, even her double chin disappeared.

Fans were already looking forward to having all the details of the successful surgery during the next season of the show. Though, some of the fans of the show still felt Whitney wanted to get the surgery because of her misgivings about her size. These misgivings were brought on by her fiancé, Chase Severino’s betrayal. Chase had an affair that resulted in a pregnancy and decided to stay with his daughter’s mother. Surprisingly, Whitney even met Chase’s daughter. All the speculation about a weight loss surgery is in the past now. At Easter, Whitney shared two full pictures of her body.

Speculations of Weight Reduction Surgery Laid to Rest

She also posted a video of herself skipping. Her figure in the video certainly didn’t look like one that has undergone gastric surgery. She looked almost exactly the way she looked during the reunion show for the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Since she shared the pictures and videos, fans have been wondering if the previous pictures that started the speculations were filtered or if Whitney had intentionally positioned the camera that way to appear slimmer than before. The promotional video didn’t garner as much reaction as usual, but the reality star uploaded another picture showing most of her body on April 6.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Is Whitney Way Thore Staying Off The Radar?

Whitney’s Uncaptioned Picture and a Fresh Wave of Speculations

On April 7, Whitney gave fans something more to be worried about after she uploaded a picture without a caption. In the picture, she is sitting and staring at the camera with her hair all glammed up and curly. Most of the comments under the post complimented the reality star’s “beautiful” and “adorable” appearance but fans are very worried about Whitney’s sudden need to be silent.

Fans have concluded that they hope she is having a full life off social media even if she is not active online.


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