Jana Duggar Seemingly Hides Her Left Hand Amid Courtship Rumors

Counting On star Jana Duggar is rumored to be courting a guy named Stephen Wissmann. So far, the family hasn’t come out to announce her courtship, but there are several signs that the two are in a serious relationship.

For example, Jana was spotted at the Wissmann family’s Christmas celebration. After fans noticed this and the rumors went public, the family made their blog post private. Stephen was also spotted at Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu’s rehearsal dinner. Since a rehearsal only includes those who are in the wedding party and close to the bride and groom, this could be a good sign that Stephen is very familiar with the Duggar family.

Now, in a new video, Jana is hiding her left hand, so she may be keeping a possible engagement a secret.

Jana Duggar shares new video & hides left hand

On Instagram, Jana shared a video of herself and a few of her family members at a vintage market. The short clip Jana posted features all of the unique goods available at the market. Noticeably, throughout the video, Jana is keeping her left hand hidden. She keeps her left hand in her pocket or only shows her right hand while checking out the items for sale.

In the comments section, fans are talking about this. One writes, “Looks gorgeous. Lots of hiding going on…engagement ring.” It doesn’t look like Jana is going to respond to any of these comments though. If something is going on behind the scenes, she’s staying quiet.

Jana Duggar Seemingly Hides Her Left Hand Amid Courtship Rumors

Duggar family stays quiet about recent courtships and weddings

Because the Duggar family is in the public eye, they often share major announcements with their fans. Typically, they don’t hide courtships, weddings, and other news. Lately, they have been more secretive, and fans can’t seem to figure out why.

Jedidiah married Katey at the beginning of April with no courtship or engagement announcements ahead of time. The family simply shared a post on Instagram on the couple’s wedding day. The family also didn’t share many details about Justin and Claire Duggar’s relationship. Their courtship announcement might have been affected by the Counting On schedule, so they could have been forced to wait to share the news.

It’s always possible that it’s just a coincidence that Jana is hiding her left hand. Fans are simply suspicious because Jana is rumored to be in a pretty serious relationship with Stephen right now. Only time will tell if Jana is in a relationship and possibly already engaged.

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