Jill Duggar Makes A Lighthearted Response To An Awkward Photo Of Sam

Jill Duggar Dillard recently uploaded pictures of her sons working out in the garden on social media. In one of the pictures, one of her sons is captured in an awkward stance, which has got some fans of the Counting On series laughing.

The loving mother of two boys didn’t see much in the picture but she was let in on the awkward moment by one of her fans. More like a fan engaging in online trolling, yeah?

In the photos uploaded on her Instagram page, Jill’s boys are seen happily helping out their mother create a new garden in the backyard of their house. They do not mind getting their hands dirty as they go about the hard work of filling the flower vases with sand. Jill uploaded the adorable photos this past Thursday, praising her boys for helping her to plant seeds, which she couldn’t help but share with fans on social media.

Sam’s Awkward Stance In Photo Pointed Out To Jill

In one of the photos, her three-year-old son Sam is seen standing next to one of the vases with a shovel between his legs. At first glance, a little three-year-old boy wearing his pajamas besides a flower base is nothing. But when you add the shovel between his legs, it is nothing short of funny and awkward. One of her fans was quick to point this out to Jill, with a rather comical question that wondered what Sam was doing with a shovel between his legs. That got a lot of fans making comments with the laughing emoji in the comments section.

Jill Dillard & Samuel Go Shopping For Gardening In The Yard

Jill Replies To Trolling Fan With A Comical Answer

There is no doubt that Jill might have been put out by the comical question and replied harshly. Instead, the Counting On star took it in her stride by replying in a lighthearted manner. She said that her son was simply trying to hold his shovel without using his hands while smiling at the camera. She added that she didn’t realize that the stance was awkward at the time of snapping the picture while ending her post with a laughing emoji as well.

Well, it seemed that it was only that fan who looked at Sam’s picture as awkward. Most of her fans didn’t see it as anything more than a little boy having a good time while helping his mom out in the garden. For them, it is the typical life of a young kid who is living the fun-filled and exciting life of a kid with his sibling and mother.

A lot of Counting On fans related with Jill Duggar about Sam’s garden picture as they recollect having snapped on-the-spur photos of their kids which they later saw as catching them in funny and awkward moments. So, not much harm was done in their opinion, with the majority of the fans taking the side of the sweet Counting On star mom of two.

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