Jill Dillard & Samuel Go Shopping For Gardening In The Yard

Jill Dillard & Samuel spend a lot of time together as she homeschools him and now they went shopping for their garden in the yard. Maybe six-year-old Israel was away at school. Actually, they worked in the yard on National Gardening Day, but Jill didn’t know that. So, it seemed like a rather amazing coincidence.

Jill Dillard & Samuel Enjoy Working In The Yard On National Gardening Day

Not long ago, Israel celebrated his birthday and he really looked forward to school that day. After all, he got to wear his birthday ribbon. Additionally, the teachers shouted out the celebration to the whole class. Well, he enjoys his Pre-K with his school friends, but Samuel misses out as he remains homeschooled for now. However, that also comes with some benefits as he and his mom get out about and about together.

Jill Dillard & Samuel went shopping for the garden on National Gardening Day. In the comments of her Instagram post, one fan mentioned that. However, Jill didn’t plan it that way, as she didn’t even know about the special day. In her caption, she wrote, “Some days you just gotta skip the nap and help mama out with the yard work!” In the photo, wearing a cute Shark facemask, Samuel sat proudly on top of some bags of Black Mulch.

The Yard Could Some Work On It

Jill Dillard & Samuel face a large task as the yard seems of a good size. When they first purchased the Lowell, Arkansas property, it consisted of just a bare lot. With the house built, they moved in, and they obviously need to think about developing their yard. Jill noted that she’s nowhere near as a good gardener as her sister Jana. However, she learned some things from her. Jana Duggar commented, saying, “It’s so much fun watching things grow!”

In her post, it emerged that Jill Dillard & Samuel now focus on planting as they fenced off a separate area for their new dog. It seems that the naughty pet digs up everything they plant. At least the furbaby runs around in his own space. The rescue dog somehow happened after the boys fell in love with it at a shelter. In fact, Jill already shared a few videos about it on her YouTube.

Jill Dillard & Samuel Go Shopping For Gardening In The Yard

Other Moms Who Garden With Their Kids Enjoy It As Well

In the comments section, of her post, other moms liked that Samuel helps his mom in the garden. One fan reminisced, “I used to love to plant flowers in the Spring with my girls.” Another fan noted, “That’s the fun stuff to do!! My kids love to garden. They even like pulling weeds.”

Like Jill Dillard & Samuel, do you also enjoy gardening with the kids? After all, it’s something they watch growing and they can take pride in it. Keeping kids outdoors and physical seems like a great idea during the pandemic.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about Jill Dillard, Samuel, Israel, Derick, and their rescued furbaby.

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