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Sister Wives Spoilers: What Is Next For The Show?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that there are rumors swirling around that this could be the end of the show. The last episode of this season will air on Sunday, April 15 at 9 p.m. EST and fans are nervous about what will come next for the Brown family after seeing the dramatic spoilers.

Drama All Season Long

In almost every episode of the show this season, we have seen drama that has escalated and now is coming to a close in the season finale. As the trailer starts, we see Janelle Brown talking to cameras and she says, “We have spent our whole life trying to build a one-family culture. This could tear that apart. I’m worried about my sanity and our relationship.” Many viewers think that she is talking about the Coyote Pass situation, but could it be something else?

We also see a couple of the wives getting very emotional in front of the camera. Christine Brown, who seems to be in her car, tells cameras, “I really want to move back to Utah.” Then we see Robyn Brown talking to Kody Brown and she tells him, “I am in polygamy hell. I can’t take it anymore.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: What Is Next For The Show?

The Family Falls Apart

Now that the pandemic has reared its ugly head on the Brown family, it does seem as if they are close to falling apart. In the trailer, we will see Kody make some incredibly rude comments to his wives and when he talks to Christine, she loses it. She walks away from him and then she tells Meri Brown, “You’re right. I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.”

The women are seen comforting each other and it looks like they may both be onboard for moving back to Utah and leaving Kody for good. There has been a lot of push and pull with the three of them, but this could be it for them.

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  1. Darlene Crandall says

    I think the episode last night is a good way to end the series. It leaves open for a spin off of how these women move on with their lives after Kody, who has made a real mess of his life and the lives of all involved. I wish all of the women and their kids the best. Kody needs Therapy not a 5th wife.


    I’ve followed all the episodes of sisters wives since the first beginning. To be honest, when Robin arrive on the picture, i knew that there was going to be trouble. Christine yes i saw her many times jalous on a few episodes , but i understand here. Meri who divorce Kody to allowe Robin to merry him so he can adopted his kids. Janelle with a big heart got push aside with Kody’s regulation. Allooo!! everyone he is playing a bad game, Kody since a few episodes was finding excuses to stay in the house of is prefer wife Robin. No more i fill so sad for all is kids and grand-kids…. He mentionned something on the show about that is younger kids needed him most… Arriella and Salomon..oh wow Robins kids. not a surprise. ..Sorry mister, but all your kids need their father and attention, and love. no matter their age. For me Kody is a fucking Ass…..i wont say the rest, because i wont have enough pages to express what i think of him….. I adore you Meri, wish you all the best………you derserve more . I want to had, don’t trust Robin…

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