Bachelor In Paradise Star Caelynn Dumps Dean On His Birthday

Bachelor In Paradise fans know that during Season 6, Dean Unglert broke up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes on her birthday. That came in 2019 but they made up and now they seem totally committed to each other. Well, at least they did until this weekend. Caelynn went out with Dean who loves skydiving. While there, she dumped him in spectacular fashion.

Bachelor In Paradise Caelynn Dumps Dean But Don’t Worry Too Much

ABC fans who fear that Dean and Caelynn broke up forever can relax. Although she dumped him, it all seemed like good fun. Actually, this couple moved on from their original split and fast became the success story of the franchise. In fact, they held a commitment ceremony. Nevertheless, Caelynn reminded him on her birthday in June last year, that he couldn’t have chosen a worse day for their original breakup.

Close, the Bachelor In Paradise couple now looks after their rescue pup, Pappy, and enjoys their life traveling to exotic places. ABC fans know that Dean’s an adrenalin junkie and he often shares photos of himself climbing mountains or jumping out of a hot air balloon. In fact, this year, he went skiing again for the first time since his bad accident in Switzerland. He takes a lot of his stunning photos with a drone and recently, Caeynn gave him a new one to play around with. Still, Caelynn dumped him on Sunday, April 18.

Heart-stopping And Spectacular Dumping On Dean’s Birthday

Bachelor In Paradise fans saw a post that Dean shared on his Instagram. He captioned it with, “kissing my 20’s goodbye 😘.” Well, if you don’t know Dean, you might have thought he also just kissed his life goodbye. As he sat on the edge of the basket, he leaned forward and Caelynn told him “happy birthday.” Next, she kissed him tenderly, before pushing him off the edge. Dean said a naughty word as he fell away into the sky.

Fans of Bachelor In Paradise teased Caelynn about dumping him. One follower, Alex Bordyukov from Season 13 of The Bachelorette, said, “Can’t believe she dumped you on your birthday.” Well, Caelynn responded and said, “@alex_bordy hahahaha how dare you!” Mind you, she only joked and Dean chipped in with, “tbh i deserved it.”

Bachelor In Paradise Star Caelynn Dumps Dean On His Birthday

Fans Giggle At The Tit-For-Tat

Other fans also commented about Caelynn dumping Dean on his birthday. One of them noted, “😂what comes around goes around!” And another one said, “lmao! That was payback!!! 🤣” This comment also went in: “wait didn’t he do that to her on her birthday.” Other people chatted about how the tables were turned on Dean.

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