Jax Taylor Reveals His Baby’s Face – Claims ‘Unmeasurable’ Love

Jax Taylor started an Instagram for his son Cruz, but fans also see lots of photos from him on his own page. Now he shared a photo of his baby’s face and fans think Brittany and Jax made a beautiful child. Smitten, Jax just can’t find the words to explain his love for his son. If you haven’t gotten baby fever yet, you might finally go down with it.

Jax Taylor Gave Brittany A Ring But There’s No price On His Love For Cruz

One week ago, on April 12, Cruz arrived in the world and made Brittany Cartwright and his dad Jax very happy. Jax created an Instagram account for Cruz and warned of fakes. Actually, the way Jax is likely so protective of his child, fakers better watch out! Jax, who seemed to mellow overnight probably becomes a fierce protector of Cruz in the future. The often abrasive Vanderpump Rules alum seems to have morphed into a mellow dad overnight, but it might be better not to test his patience.

This weekend, Jax Taylor showed his appreciation for Brittany and he gifted her a blue diamond. That came as a “push present,” he said in his Instagram stories. While Jax might seem besotted with Cruz, obviously Brittany’s way more than just a baby-maker for the new dad. The unlikely Bravo couple both seem delirious with joy over their first child. Fans still hope for some sort of TV show from them since they left Vandperpump Rules. No doubt, with baby fever raging, fans start clamoring for more of them on their screens.

‘Unmeasurable’ Love Almost Impossible To Describe

Jax Taylor shared a photo and fans took their first look at their baby’s face. He tried telling his fans how one week of fatherhood makes him feel. However, he can’t find the words. He described it as trying to explain “water to some one who’s never felt water, (sic).” Talking about how he never knew so much “joy” in his life, Jax also said, “the amount of love we have for our son is unmeasurable.” It seems that the new dad can’t get his head around how he ever lived without Cruz in his life.

Further on in his post, Jax Taylor talked about how fatherhood seems like the best experience a man can have. Determined to be a good dad he said he promises Cruz “the best-childhood a boy could ask for.” Not alone with baby fever, Brittany also commented on her husband’s post. She wrote, “A week old already!! 😭❤️🥰 mommy can’t take it!! lol so obsessed ❤️.” Naturally, Bravo fans reacted to the caption and to the little boy who looks “adorable.

Jax Taylor Reveals His Baby’s Face – Claims ‘Unmeasurable’ Love

Fans Think Cruz looks a Cute As A Button

One Vanderpump Rules fan commented, “He is adorable !! What a cute little guy!!” Others talked about his likeness to his dad. For sure, in days and years to come, fans can probably expect a multitude of photos as Brittany and Jax share their son with the world.

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