Sister Wives Spoilers: Has Christine Brown Moved Back To Utah?

Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that by the end of the season finale, Christine Brown was ready to pack up and move back to Utah. Meri Brown was trying to calm her down at the send of the Season 15 finale. Did Christine move to Utah from Flagstaff, Arizona? Is Christine still with Kody Brown?

Christine Brown Wants To Move

Sister wives Christine, during the meeting of the Brown family adults, spoke through her tears as she talked about wanting to return to Utah to live. Christine explained that her father was very sick, and she wanted to be near him. Christine’s children are also in Utah and now she has a granddaughter there. Christine was just as scared as the other wives when they left Utah yeas ago. However, now that polygamy is decriminalized, Christine wants to go home. Unfortunately, Kody Brown, although he acted like he supported her, did not give her any support at the meeting. Furthermore, Kody laughed over how this was Christine’s idea and he would not be at fault this time. What did Christine decide to do?

Christine Brown Admits She Does not Want To Be With Kody Brown

Sister wives Christine was devastated when her sister wives did not want to return to Utah. Christine was adamant about wanting out of the marriage because Kody was not giving her what she needed. However, first wife, Meri Brown, interceded and took Christine to the side away from everything. Meri proceeded to tell Christine that she could not just walk away from this relationship. However, the more Meri argued the weaker Christine’s reserve got. Meri even pointed out that Christine’s marriage is not as bad as hers. However, can Kody and Christine get back what they used to have?

Is Christine Brown Still In Flagstaff?

As of March 16th, Sister wives’ Christine was still living in Flagstaff. In August of last year, it appears that Christine’s home in Flagstaff was signed over into her name only. Assumes would suggest that she frees Christine to access the equity in case she does leave the marriage and family. However, Christine’s March post was outside her house in Flagstaff suggesting that she and the girls still live in Arizona. However, it does not give an indication of her marital status with Kody. On Christine’s Instagram post on March 4, 2021, she did still have her wedding ring on. However, for a definite answer on her marital status, it seems fans will have to wait until next season for answers.

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