Here’s Why Gil Bates May Not Be Okay with Katie Getting Married Yet

Katie Bates is the newest Bringing Up Bates star to get engaged, but her dad, Gil, doesn’t seem to be thrilled about it happening so soon. There may be a clear explanation for why he feels this way, though.

Katie and her boyfriend Travis Clark got engaged at the beginning of April after courting for a year. He planned a sweet proposal with rose petals on the ground and a “Will you marry me?” sign. He also wrote and played a song for her. The special proposal was in Florida with both the Bates and Clark parents present. A professional photographer was there to take photos of the big day too.

Announcing the engagement on her Instagram page, Katie excitedly wrote, “Don’t know if I’ll ever stop smiling… Here’s to forever!” She shared a handful of sweet photos from the proposal, which fans are loving.

Gil Bates may be worried about this one detail

While the Bates family is happy for their daughter, fans picked up on Gil’s overall feeling about the engagement. They don’t think he’s particularly excited that his 20-year-old is engaged, but he hasn’t come out and said why. On Reddit, Bringing Up Bates viewers discussed the possible reasons he might be feeling a certain way.

Here’s Why Gil Bates May Not Be Okay with Katie Getting Married Yet

One user posted, “I feel like he didn’t care as much when Josie and Carlin were dating. He like really doesn’t support an engagement for them [Katie and Travis].”

Other users chimed in, discussing why Gil might not be happy about the engagement. Some think it may be because Travis is still in school and has two years left. Others argue that Gil may not want Katie to move away. It looks like Travis and Katie will settle down in New Jersey once they get married.

Overall, most of the users interacting in the thread have come to the conclusion that Travis doesn’t have a way to support his wife-to-be yet. One user writes, “Maybe because he doesn’t have a job? They didn’t support carlin getting married sooner because Evan didn’t have work.” Another adds, “I think the comments about the husband needing a job first are valid points. Especially for a community where children are expected and anticipated to arrive as soon as possible.”

Nonetheless, Travis and Katie are already engaged and looking forward to their wedding day. Somehow, they will find a way to provide for themselves, and Travis will graduate shortly.

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