Mama June: From Not To Hot Star Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson Now Homeless

 Mama June: From Not To Hot Star Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson Now HomelessThe recent news from the stalls of the WEtv reality series, Mama June: From Not To Hot, reveals that the husband of Jennifer, Mike Thompson, otherwise known as Sugar Bear, is now homeless. The reason behind his homelessness is because Jennifer believes that he is cheating on her. In his bid to find a place to stay, he went to the house of Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

Mike Goes Bags In Hand To Lauryn’s Apartment

In a recent episode of the WEtv series, viewers watched as Jennifer Thompson threw out the personal belongings of Mike. She had them packed and left on the verandah of their house. Mike tried explaining his recent whereabouts to Jennifer, but she gave no room for his explanations. Eventually, she tells him to keep his excuses to himself and shouted at him to leave their house.

Looking highly disillusioned, Mike left the house but not before saying goodbye to the family cats relaxing on the verandah floor. While sitting on the back of his truck, Sugar Bear is seen chatting with his daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. Alana says that she can tell from his voice that he isn’t indoors. It is obvious to fans of the Mama June: Not To Hot reality show that Mike doesn’t have anywhere to stay. He eventually finds his way to Lauryn’s house as a last resort.

Alana Forgives Her Father

In a previous episode of the series, viewers got to watch as Alana had a good time with her father, Mike, as they went on an outing to a nail salon. Mike was so happy throughout the outing that he is hopeful that it is the first of many outings as he works on building a close father-daughter relationship with Alana. Alana openly admired that she also had a sell time with her father. She even tells Lauryn that she believes it could be the start of her healing process.

However, Honey Boo Boo canceled the weekend outing she had planned with Mike. Mike is disappointed but understands why she canceled their plans and looked forward to hanging out with her when she returns.

 Mama June: From Not To Hot Star Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson Now Homeless

Jennifer Is Convinced Mike Is Cheating On Her, And Mike Needs A Place To Sleep

Jennifer is so sure that Mike is cheating on her with his ex-wife, June Shannon, that she sends him packing. In his want of a place to sleep, Mike takes the drastic step of going to the house of Lauryn Shannon, where he meets Josh Efird.

It is speculated that Mike will ask Josh if he can stay a few days until he finds a place to stay. Josh will likely let him stay, as his sisters have traveled to Florida to visit Deno and June Doak. Lauryn’s home has been the go-to home for cast crew who have been homeless for a while, as Jessica Shannon slept there for a few days. Let’s hope Mike reconciles with Jennifer soon.

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