Jinger Duggar Shares how God Helped her with Weight Loss Issues

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo are revealing more about their personal experiences to promote their upcoming book. The book, titled The Hope We Hold, will be available on May 4th and the couple is giving fans a sneak peek into its content. On Wednesday, Jinger shared a video on Instagram in which she talked about how she struggled with weight loss until help came from God.

Jinger Duggar Shares How Faith Helped her Overcome Weight Loss Challenges

At the beginning of the video, Jinger Duggar stated that she was going to share some of the contents of the fifth chapter of The Hope We Hold. She explained that the chapter is majorly dedicated to her battles with weight loss when she was a young teenager. She added that it took a while for her to realize that she was trying to identify with the wrong image. The reality star stated that with God’s help she was able to realize that what she looked like didn’t matter as much as her standing with Christ.

“In our book, The Hope We Hold, I share some of my struggles as a teen,” the video’s caption reads.

Jinger opened up about how she was able to change all the negative thoughts about her weight and redirect the thoughts to how to stay grounded in faith. She said during her struggles with weight loss she was so focused on a particular image of how she should look instead of her relationship with God.

The Hope We Hold

The reality star added that the essence of The Hope We Hold is to encourage people who are going through similar challenges. She said all of these experiences have been laid bare in The Hope We Hold so that others can learn a thing or two from it.

“I hope that the book is an encouragement,” Jinger said. ” We really want to just be raw, open,” she added

As is the custom of the Duggar family, Jinger said the book shows how “the Lord has helped” her and her husband.

Jinger Duggar Shares how God Helped her with Weight Loss Issues

Societal Acceptance or Molestation; the Reason for Jinger’s Struggles

It is not very surprising that Jinger had weight loss issues because even despite her austere upbringing, she still grew up like every other woman living under the pressure of wanting to look skinny to be “accepted” by society. She might have even had a more difficult time than women raised in more liberal surroundings. Unlike those families, the Duggars still believe that a woman’s value is dependent on her getting married and procreating.

Jinger Duggar’s struggles with weight loss could also be lending some credibility to the rumors that she was one of the Duggar girls that Josh Duggar molested. Many victims of childhood sexual disorders exhibit signs of eating disorders. Victims often take solace in eating abnormally to deal with the trauma.
Whatever the cause, it is almost certain that Jinger Duggar had to deal with a lot of things during childhood some of which she shared in the book, The Hope We Hold. We are very happy that she has been able to move on to better things regardless of what helped her.


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