Olivia Plath Opens up about Her Relationship with her husband and his Family

Welcome to Plathville’s Ethan and Olivia Plath have been under a lot of scrutinies lately. There have been a lot of speculations that the couple has broken up as a result of Olivia’s stormy relationship with Ethan’s family. The first daughter-in-law of the ultra-conservative Plath family has finally cleared the air about her relationship with her husband and his family members.

Olivia Connected with her Fans Via a Question and Answer Session on Instagram.

Olivia Plath recently allowed fans to ask her questions on Instagram. The travel photographer answered questions ranging from where she bought her dress to the status of her relationship with her husband. It was evident that viewers of the show wanted to know if Kim and Barry’s constant criticism of Olivia did some permanent damage to the couple’s relationship or not.

Barry and Kim Plath were very critical of Olivia in the first season of the show. The ultra-conservative parents feel she is leading their son astray. Though she was raised in a Christian home like the Plaths, her parents let her get away with some “worldly pleasures” such as Coca-Cola and alcohol that she has since introduced to Ethan.

Ethan and Olivia are Estranged from the Rest of the Family

As a result of Kim and Barry’s belief that Olivia is a bad influence on Ethan, the Plath family has become divided even though they live in the same neighborhood. Olivia opened up to fans that she neither visits her in-laws nor do they acknowledge her when they meet in a public place. Olivia said she and her husband are having a difficult time with their decision, especially since they have been unable to spend time with Ethan’s siblings.

Olivia Plath Opens up about Her Relationship with her husband and his Family

Olivia and Ethan are Doing Fine Together

When one of the fans asked if all was well between Olivia and her husband, Olivia responded with a recent picture of her and Ethan. She also told fans that they are going through some rough patches but they hope it will only make them “wiser and stronger” when it ends.

This is not the first time Olivia is opening up about the difficulties they are facing in their marriage. During a podcast, she said one of the first challenges they had to combat as a married couple is getting to know each other. While other couples get to know their better half while dating, Olivia and Ethan didn’t have a normal dating period. They met at a Christian family summer camp and only had a handful of dates before they got married.

It is quite exciting for fans of the show that the strict family has not been able to subdue their rebellious daughter-in-law. Fans can be assured that Ethan and Olivia’s love will keep waxing stronger regardless of the criticism and condemnation from his family. Both Ethan and Olivia seem to be giving the marriage their all. Recently, Olivia said they are equipping themselves with more survival mechanisms so that their marriage can survive against all odds.

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