Alyssa Bates Dishes on her Courtship, Kissing, and Marriage

John Webster and Alyssa Bates filmed a Q&A session on YouTube, answering some of fans’ questions. The Bringing Up Bates couple got pretty honest about their courtship and marriage, giving fans a raw look into their lives.

In their video, the pair reminds their viewers that they got married when John was 24 and Alyssa was 19. Now, he’s 31 and she’s 26. They share four young daughters, Allie, Lexi, Zoey, and Maci.

Did John and Alyssa kiss before marriage?

In the Bates family, courtships are the norm. When the couples are courting, they must take chaperones with them on dates and follow certain rules. While the Bates family’s courtship rules aren’t as strict as the Duggar family’s, they do still exist.

Recently, Josie Bates Balka revealed that she and her husband Kelton kissed before tying the knot. So, given the opportunity, fans decided to ask John and Alyssa the same question.

Alyssa says that the did kiss “a lot” before marriage. She says that they weren’t good kissers at first.

John and Alyssa chat about their marriage struggles

When John and Alyssa first got married, they “fought a lot.” She says, “It took a lot to overcome that. You just really have to talk through things.” John explains they never learned how to communicate while living at home with their families, so they had to take some time to adjust to married life in this way. Their biggest piece of advice is to talk it out, especially in the newlywed phase.

Now that they’ve figured that out, things are great between them. Another fan wanted to know whether they argue with each other. Alyssa says that they do, of course, but instead of fighting, they “ice each other out” and stay quiet.

Alyssa Bates Dishes on her Courtship, Kissing, and Marriage

Did they consider splitting up?

While they were courting, John and Alyssa thought about breaking up with each other. They both thought about it at individual times. Alyssa thought about it first, then John did. He said he was about to call her to break up, but he ultimately decided against it.

Prior to their courtship, they talked to other people but never dated anyone else. Alyssa says that John had “so many friends that were females.”

John Webster and Alyssa Bates’ Q&A session gives fans a real look into their lives and who they are. In the comments section of the video, fans are sending their love and praising the couple for their honesty.

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