Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Honors Her Mom Bonnie

SEE AM FOR PICS Sister Wives fans heard that Meri Brown’s mom, Bonnie passed away about a month ago. It’s been a terribly hard time for Kody’s wife. After all, her mom showed no signs of ill health before her untimely death at the age of 76. Within the week, Bonnie was laid to rest and Meri was left to try and cope without her. Now as part of her healing process, she made a nice gesture that honors her mom at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Slowly Comes To terms With Bonnie’s Death

When Bonnie passed away she worked at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Recall, Meri always wanted her ancestral home and when she had an opportunity to buy it, she went for it. The other wives in Kody’s family seemed uninterested in it. Nevertheless, she made a plan and landed the deal. Since then, her mom helped her run it. Now Bonnie also became an ancestor, so maybe her spirit lingers on in the building for years to come. Or, at least her energy.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown barely managed to get through the first dreadful week after her mom passed away. Later, she spent time with her sisters. On her Instagram, she talked about how they laughed and cried and shared memories of their mom. Hopefully, that helps her as she starts healing. Now, still dealing with grief but hoping that healing comes soon, Meri shared about her special gesture for her mom.

Meri Brown Honors Her Mom With A Special Gesture

Sister Wives star Meri made a special gesture that honors her mom. But in her life, she also honors the values her mom stood for. Despite her pain and grief, when a fan asked her about feeling “unimportant,” she took the time to encourage them saying, “My happiness comes from within! You got this!” Maybe that made the sad-sounding fan feel a bit happier. However, Meri also honors Bonnie in the place where she last lived – Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

On April 24, Sister Wives star Meri posted up a long caption about her mom. In it, she talked about how she feels all the symptoms of loss, including “zero energy, zero motivation, all the tears, and all the sadness.” Actually, she finds it difficult as she’s not used to not finding the motivation to do something. Nevertheless, she found the motivation to honor her mom in a unique way. So, if you ever visit the Inn, be sure to look out for it.

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Bonnie lives on in memory in a beautiful pant

Sister Wives fans know that Meri seems quite spiritual. Not so much religiously, but in awareness. So, they liked how she honored Bonnie. She said that her mom always told her flowers for grief mean so little. After all, they also die quickly. So, following her mom’s advice, Meri went out and purchased a lovely pot plant to honor Bonnie.

The Sister Wives star told her TLC fans that she placed it in a “prominent…corner of the living room of the B&B.” That means visitors will see it when they walk through the entrance. Meri hopes that”all who enter will feel the life and energy of my sweet mom.” In a bit of a tear-jerker, she added, “Years down the road, I hope this plant is still around, and although by then guests may not even know of her, they will feel her presence and her love.”

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