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Jeremy Vuolo Under Fire for Silencing Wife Jinger in New Video

Jeremy Vuolo has gotten lots of hate over the years for how he treats his wife, Jinger Duggar. One concern that frequently comes up is that Jeremy doesn’t let Jinger make her own decisions. Fans are concerned that he’s “controlling,” because he doesn’t let her speak. They feel that he takes control of every conversation, even in cases where she should be the one talking.

In a new Instagram video, the pair promotes the book they just launched together. The book will be available in May, but they have been sharing all about it on social media to get the word out. In the video, they talk about the book, and Jeremy reads part of it aloud. The part he reads was written by Jinger, which has prompted fans to ask why he read it instead of her. If she wrote that part, fans feel that it would make more sense for her to read it aloud.

In one comment on their post, an Instagram user writes, “why is jeremy reading jinger’s chapter? how is it that he has all these questions? would he not have asked her these while supervising her writing or reading her drafts or just getting to know her?”

Another adds, “Would rather have heard Jinger read her own chapter…” Someone else writes, “Why aren’t you reading your own story? It seems very odd to have your husband read your own experiences?”

It’s unclear why Jeremy read the chapter instead of Jinger. Other fans point out that Jinger might have asked him to do it for some reason.

Jeremy Vuolo Under Fire for Silencing Wife Jinger in New Video

Fans unhappy with Jeremy’s behavior in new video

Fans aren’t too happy with how Jeremy acted in the recent video. One thinks he was trying to get more time in front of the camera and pushed Jinger away. The fan writes, “Looks like Jinger needs more room in front of the camera, Jeremy is squeezing her right out of the picture. 😂”

Others feel that the two are lacking chemistry and that they don’t seem real or happy. Overall, fans just feel like something is missing. The pair has also been called out for making their social media posts seem more like advertisements lately. This may be because they are promoting their book and other business ventures. While fans support them in this, they miss the old versions of the couple. They think the authenticity is gone.

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