Jeremy Vuolo Claps Back Against the Haters: ‘Thanks, Karen’

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo recently announced that they wrote a book, and it will hit Amazon on May 4. In the meantime, they have been promoting their book via social media. They share sneak peeks of what’s inside and answer fans’ questions about the book.

Prior to writing the book, they had a podcast, as well as an online store where they sold hats and candles. Now, it seems like fans are getting fed up with the couple constantly promoting new products on their social media pages. They want the “old” versions of Jinger and Jeremy back. They also noticed that Jinger and Jeremy keep changing course, as if they are just trying to find the best way to make money while using their established social media platforms.

Amid all the backlash they’ve been receiving, Jeremy took the time to clap back at one of the haters.

Jeremy Vuolo gets defensive

In a comment on one of Jeremy’s recent posts about the book, one of his followers wrote, “Watch after the book comes out you will not see all of these pictures of these too and the book has the same picture that we all seen before nothing never even one picture of there kids !!!😡😡”

Jeremy Vuolo Claps Back Against the Haters: ‘Thanks, Karen’

In response, Jeremy got a little bit snappy. He wrote, “Thanks, Karen.” Notably, the follower’s name is actually Karen, making his comment even funnier. Fans are getting a kick out of Jeremy’s response and think it was pretty clever of him.

It seems like the fan is upset that the couple is no longer posting photos of the kids and is focusing on selling their products instead. Previously, Jinger revealed that they are not sharing pictures of Felicity, 2, and Evangeline, 5 months, while they are young. They hope to give the kids some extra privacy. While most fans are respecting their decision, this one doesn’t seem to be.

Other fans have complained about the couple’s social media pages becoming more like commercials. They feel like Jinger and Jeremy are just trying to sell something on social media all the time, whether it’s their hats and candles or their new book.

Nonetheless, Jinger and Jeremy seem to be happy with their newest endeavor with their book. Even though some fans are unhappy, most of them are pretty supportive of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo launching their book and sharing their story with the world.

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