Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Does Convincing Suicidal Depression Challenge

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans often seems deeply unhappy. Although the Teen Mom 2 alum acts positively determined to look for happiness, there’s a sad aura around her. Very often, even when she smiles and laughs, she still can’t hide the hurt and sadness in her eyes. Now she did a very convincing suicidal depression act on TikTok. Is she okay?

Jenelle Evans Seems Unhappy – Trolls Don’t Let Up

It seems that the Teen Mom 2 alum just can’t escape her past from the MTV show. Even worse, no matter how hard she works on accepting herself as she is, she still gets trolls. She is constantly trolled for looking “fat.” Plus, she always gets reminded that David Eason killed her dog, Nugget. Often, people scan for signs she might be pregnant. It seems that they hope they can troll on her for making more babies in what they see as an unhealthy home environment.

Jenelle Evans also went through a lot of clashes with her mom on MTV. Both quick-tempered, fans saw scene after scene of her looking unhappy. Recently, she drank a beer and fans instantly assume that she’s an alcoholic. So, with all the hate, is it unsurprising that she looks sad from time to time? Well, she did the Billie Eilish TikTok challenge this week and she looked very convincing about being a suicidal depressive.

Billie Eilish ‘I Wanna End Me’ TikTok Challenge

When Jenelle Evans did her TikTok challenge, she joined thousands of people who make the song trend on YouTube and elsewhere on social media. When the song came out, Eilish cautioned fans against hurting themselves. After all, the whole song is about how young people struggle with mental health and depression. It’s meant to reach out to people and encourage them not to inflict self-harm.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Does Convincing Suicidal Depression Challenge

Unfortunately, Jenelle Evans finds a lot of trolls who sometimes hope she does hurt herself. But if she ever did, would they feel smart and clever? As usual, when she shared her post on Instagram, trolls hit on her and slammed her for everything they could think of. Some loyal fans liked the way she did the challenge. However, for Jenelle, maybe she did it so well because she suffers from depression.

Jenelle Evans Makes Some Bad Choices

MTV fans can’t deny that over the years, Jenelle made some bad choices. Nowadays, she tries to get her life back together. In fact, she makes an obvious effort to hold her family together. Meanwhile, David appears with her on YouTube and they try and show how they navigate life these days. However, it seems that no matter how hard she tries, critics will give her no credit at all. Hopefully, her act in the challenge doesn’t become a reality one day.

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