Counting On Fans Flock To Support Jill After Josh Duggar’s Arrest

Counting On fans heard that Josh Duggar landed up behind bars this week. Initially, no details came about the charges he might face, so a lot of speculation went on. Later, news emerged that he faces allegations of child pornography. Some TLC fans reached out to Derick Dillard for comment, but he ignored them on social media. Nevertheless, he and Jill later said it’s “very sad.” Now, fans flock to Jill’s social media in support of her.

Counting On Fans Not surprized About The Arrest Of Josh – Think Of Jill

Possibly, Derick and Jill couldn’t say much about Josh landing up in jail, facing federal charges. After all, it could impact his case and he is innocent until found guilty, after all. However, they issued a very short statement saying how it seems very sad. People magazine carried the story on April 30. The outlet noted that Jill and Derick said, “We just found out this information yesterday.” They added that they think it’s all “very sad.”

Most Counting On fans seem unsurprised about his arrest. After all, they all knew about his child molestation when he was a teenager. In fact, for years fans feared that Anna and Josh’s children might not be safe with him. However, now that the new charges emerged, fans turn their thoughts to Jill, one of the young women who suffered at the hands of her brother. Actually, Derick once told his followers they left the show because of her trauma. That turned the tide from fans trolling on Derick, to admiration for him for sticking by his wife.

TLC Fans Flock In Support Of Jill Duggar Dillard

Counting On fans heard that the child abuse charges stemmed back to the raid on the car dealership in 2019. Clearly, the family must have known about it back then. Nevertheless, Jill and Derick have been estranged from Jim Bob and Michelle for some years now. So maybe, they never talked about it. But fans also know this just be a very difficult time for Jill. So, hundreds of them went onto her Instagram and supported her.

 Counting On Fans Flock To Support Jill After Josh Duggar’s Arres

One Counting on fan posted up, “Nothing but respect for you and Derick. I’m glad Derick…helped protect you after the trauma you endured…not [turning] a blind eye [on] what happened to you.” They felt that too many “other siblings” brushed it under the carpet. The fan reminded Jill, “You have an army of people who are praying for you and support you Jill.” Well, it racked up over 1,500 likes in a few hours.

In the many replies that followed,” one TLC fan noted, “Hoping recent developments haven’t reignited any trauma or negative feelings for you. So much respect for the graceful way you’ve handled your situation 🙏🏼 Strong woman!”

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