Mama June Spoilers: Road To Redemption Fans Praise Josh Efird

 Mama June Spoilers in this article refer to the Road To Redemption episode that aired on Friday, June 30. A lot of things went down in the episode, and some of it related to Alana’s mom thinking jail might not be a possibility for her. It also revealed that Geno tried reconnecting with Alana Thompson. However, fans also focused on Josh Efird and they sent some praises his way on social media.

Mama June Spoilers Reveal Alana’s Mom At Odds With Josh

When the April 30 episode aired, WEtv fans saw that for once, Geno seemed logical. In fact, June already grew irritated that he wants the girls to understand that their mom might end up in jail. Of course, the much-publicized arrest for drugs and paraphernalia still hangs over their heads. Recall, in a previous episode, fans saw that Pumpkin and Alana visited June in Florida. Well, Pumpkin still feels like her mom might lie about her sobriety, so she doesn’t trust her very much. However, Alana persuaded her sister to let her stay on for a bit.

Mama June Spoilers showed that Geno made a big effort with Alana. Of all her sisters, it looks like Alana, (Honey Boo Boo) really wants to reconnect and make up for lost time with her mom. Fans know that Alana lives with her sister Pumpkin and her husband, Josh. They saw that back in Family Crisis. Now officially in their custody, they act as her parents. In this week’s show, fans saw June clash with Josh over his parental decisions about her daughter.

Josh Efird Collects Alana From Florida And Fans Parise Him

If you didn’t watch the episode yet, be aware that a lot of Mama June spoilers come in this article from this point. When Pumpkin arrived home without Alana, Josh seemed really unhappy with the situation. So, he drove to Florida to collect Alana. After all, Geno and June could relapse at any time. In fact, he referred to Alana as his “daughter.” In a teaser post by June on Instagram, one fan approved of it, noting, “I love how protective Josh is over Alana.” They also noted that Josh and Pumpkin hate the idea of her ending up “hurt again.”

Mama June Spoilers: Road To Redemption Fans Praise Josh Efird

The fan also said in the post about the Mama June spoilers, “It warms my heart when Josh and Pumpkin call Alana their daughter.” In the show, fans saw that June seemed really angry about Josh taking Alana. In fact, she felt he overstepped his rights as her guardian. But on Twitter, fans loved what he did. One of them commented, “Josh is honestly Father/Husband goals. He treats Alana as his own child and refers to her [as] such. He’s crossing state lines to get her back in a stable environment. “

More Fans Praise Josh, Slam June Shannon

After seeing the Mama June spoilers, more fans climbed in with praise for Josh. One of them slammed June, saying, “So #MamaJune is so delusional she thinks her jail bird bound self on parole can tell the guardian Josh [he] has a shaky at best leg to stand on.”

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3 thoughts on “Mama June Spoilers: Road To Redemption Fans Praise Josh Efird

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  • June 4, 2021 at 8:23 pm

    After a year+ of Mamá June putting her kids through absolute hell, endangering them causing them to suddenly pack up and move; after selling her KIDS belongings including the money they amassed by her using, pimping Alan’s all for drugs and her boyfriend, Geno. Her arrogance in the aftermath of the disaster she wrought on her family is an absolute disgrace.
    She thinks all should be forgiven. This pitiful excuse for a mother actually thinks she will be sent to celebrity prison, one with her own chef… really?
    Sadly, she made a deal to avoid jail time. Nobody MORE deserves jail time than June. Her arrogance alone demands it.
    Thank God for Pumpkin and, more especially Josh. I just hope her kids pay far more attention to Josh and HIS decisions. Keep an open dialog with June but NEVER trust that woman again. And for God’s Sake, NEVER send Alana back to live with June and Geno. Pumpkin and Josh have given Alana the most stable home life that kid has ever known.

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