What is Amy Roloff Doing in Palm Springs?

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is enjoying some time in the sun! She’s currently on a girls’ trip to Palm Springs. She and her two besties took off to make some memories and relax before they wrap up some important steps in the wedding planning process. Amy’s wedding to Chris Marek is coming up quickly, so it’s no doubt that things may be a little stressful right now.

On social media, Amy has shared a few snaps from her getaway. The ladies are staying at the La Quinta Resort. She’s with her two close friends, Lisa and Debee. In one post, Amy poses with her friends and writes, “These two have really out done themselves in doing so much for me on our girls Palm Springs Adventure Trip. Woohoo!🎉🌴. Thank you both so much Lisa and Debee. We’re having a blast This is the best R & R I’ve had in a long time.”

In a video from Amy, the women are enjoying a drink as they wait to head to dinner. Some of Amy’s social media followers think she looks “sloshed” and like she’s having a pretty good time. Others joke that Amy doesn’t need another drink. Of course, most fans are just glad she’s enjoying herself.

Pre-Bachelorette Party for Amy Roloff

The women are calling this trip a “pre-bachelorette party.” When the wedding gets closer, it seems like Amy will have another bachelorette party with her friends. Chris and Amy’s wedding is in August, so stay tuned for more photos of her official party.

In a video on her Instagram page, Amy and her friends talk about all they have left to do. They still have to wrap up some of the wedding details, like hiring an officiant, figuring out flowers and centerpieces, and more. Hopefully, after this relaxing trip, they will be ready to push through and get it all done in time.

What is Amy Roloff Doing in Palm Springs?

They all three seem very excited to be on this trip, and they’re looking forward to the wedding of course. The wedding will be filmed for TLC’s Little People, Big World, so fans can be a part of Amy’s big day. Few details have been shared about the wedding so far, but we know Amy has chosen a dress. One of her granddaughters, Ember, will be one of her flower girls. It’s unclear if Lilah, her other granddaughter, will be in the wedding too.

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