Joe & Kendra Duggar Share First Photos as Family of Five

In a new Instagram post, Joe and Kendra shared a few photos from their newborn photo shoot. The family welcomed their third child, a daughter named Brooklyn Praise, in February. Brooklyn joins her two older siblings, Garrett, 2, and Addison, 1. When the couple introduced their daughter to the world, they wrote that they were, “feeling so grateful and blessed.” Since her birth, fans have only seen a couple of photos of her. Now, they’re finally getting to see more.

In the post, the couple writes, “We have been enjoying getting adjusted to a family of 5 so I haven’t posted in a while! But here are some of our favorite pics from our newborn photos.” They share four photos from the photo shoot. One photo features the whole family, and the next one is of the three kids laying on a blanket together. Baby Brooklyn is swaddled in between her siblings and wearing a bow headband. In another snap, Addison is kissing her baby sister on the head as Kendra holds her. The last photo in the series is of Brooklyn swaddled in a blanket as she holds a tiny stuffed bear.

Joe and Kendra Duggar share photos as news of Josh’s arrest breaks

The timing of Joe and Kendra’s post was a little odd, some fans think. It was shared shortly after the news of Josh Duggar’s arrest went public. There are a few possible explanations for the oddly timed post. For one, it could have been scheduled in advance using a social media scheduling tool. Kendra and Joe could have planned to post the photos ahead of time. It’s also possible that they were trying to distract from the news of Josh’s arrest. Of course, the news is big and couldn’t be overlooked by a new social media post.

Joe & Kendra Duggar Share First Photos as Family of Five

The couple limited the comments on their post, meaning that only a certain number of people can comment. This is done in hopes of weeding out some of the negative comments. Several other Duggars did the same thing in response to Josh’s arrest. Many of them have chosen to stay silent on social media amid the news of his arrest.

Because the comments are limited, many of them are positive and not about Josh’s arrest at all. They think the family is adorable, and they love seeing the siblings interact with each other. They hope to see more photos soon, but it’s possible that Joe and Kendra, along with the other Duggars, will stay quiet for a while.

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