Jill Dillard Shares A Spring Day, Muddy Puddles & Brothers

Jill Dillard turns her mind to gardening now as spring comes along in Arkansas. Often, she involves the two boys, Sam and Israel. Both kids enjoy their outdoor activity and TLC fans love that the kids learn about plants and enjoy watching them grow. However, not much gardening went on this week as it rained. Undeterred, the two brothers splashed about and played in the mud for hours.

Jill Dillard Shares Three Photos Of Her Kids Playing In The Mud

Last month, when Isreal was at Pre-K, Sam went along with his mom and they visited a gardening center. He helped his mom shop for supplies as she develops their garden. Bear in mind, when she and Derick moved in, the yard looked completely bare. Keen on the idea, little Sam proudly sat atop some bags of mulch. At the time, Jill said that Sam “skipped his nap” and helps her prepare her garden. Counting On fans thought that the TLC alum did a good job teaching the boys about self-reliance and gardening.

A few days later, Jill Dillard revealed some photos that showed Israel also enjoyed working with her and his brother in the yard. Some Counting On fans noticed that Sam posed for his photo rather awkwardly, with the shovel balanced between his legs. Mind you, as Jill pointed out, he just tried not holding the shovel for the photo and she made light of it. Now, she posted some lighthearted snaps of the two brothers on a spring day playing in the muddy yard.

TLC Fans Agree That Playing In Muddy Puddles Is The Best Fun

Jill Dillard shared six pictures of the kids and they showed that big puddles formed along the edge of the fence. Possibly, Israel made the puddles a bit deeper, as he held a small digging tool. Both of the boys seemed fascinated by a stick so maybe they tried floating it. Meanwhile. several photos showed that Sam became progressively muddier and muddier. TLC fans agreed that some of their best memories come from the days when they also played in muddy puddles in spring.

Jill Dillard Shares A Spring Day, Muddy Puddles & Brothers

One fan asked Jill Dillard if she plans on hosing them off before they go indoors again. Another fan recalled that her mom did that. They reminisced about all the fun of playing in the mud and then getting hosed down. One fan wrote, “Hahaha this was definitely me as a kid, and now my girls are the same way 😂 Glad they are having fun!❤.”

Clearly, the boys enjoyed a very good time, and one day, they’ll look back and find some very precious memories made in their yard on a spring day.

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