Four Weddings Promo Post By TLC Trolled Over Josh Duggar

Four Weddings Promo Post By TLC Trolled Over Josh DuggarFour Weddings aired a while back on TLC and a lot of fans really like it. Now, TLC shared a promo post about it. It took a look back at some of the scenes from the show. The reason they shared it related to the fact that it now airs on discovery +. Some fans talked about how they enjoyed the show but most of them trolled on TLC as furious fans grow increasingly angry about Josh Duggar’s arrest.

Four Weddings Comes on Discovery +

On May 1, TLC shared the happy news that the old show now airs on discovery +. However, if they hoped for a good reaction, they were sorely disappointed. In the comments section of the post on Instagram, a fan noted almost no comments related to the show. Actually, most of them related to Josh Duggar and Counting On. If you live under a rock, you might have missed the fact that Josh Duggar ended up arrested and indicted for alleged child pornography last week.

Four Weddings simply got lost in the storm of fury from angry fans. Some of the adult Duggars responded to the news by now. Josh pleaded not guilty and Jim Bob hopes the “truth” comes out. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo felt “disturbed” by the news. Meanwhile, the Dillards described it as “very sad.” Actually, TLC fans flocked to Jill to offer support as she was a victim of Josh in his earlier child molestation scandal. However, none of the family members seem as angry as TLC viewers.

TLC Slammed Over Josh Duggar’s Arrest

Poor forgotten Four Weddings ended up hijacked by fans who slammed TLC to high heaven for keeping the Duggar family on their network. After all, when they canceled 19 Kids and Counting because of Josh, the show just popped up under another name: Counting On. Josh never appeared in that show, but fans feel that TLC enables a family who brushed over a serious issue.

Here’s what some critics said in the Four Weddings promo post: “Doesn’t matter if Josh hasn’t been shown on counting on since 2015. You show Anna and his kids. You show his VICTIMS. You’re making money and giving money to a family ignoring child abuse & perversion. They can pray it away and you can’t ignore it.”

“Please stop gaslighting [your] entire audience. By funding a family complicit in horrendous child abuse, you are also culpable. Disgusting.”

Four Weddings Promo Post By TLC Trolled Over Josh Duggar

“…get the Duggars off the air. You …made money off of his sisters who [are] also victims. His parents…also knew what Josh is. [However, they] kept those poor girls around them and told them to keep hush hush about it. Drop them or we drop you!”

“Get the @duggarfam off your streaming services and TLC or I’m cancelling, (sic) my @discoveryplus… I love 90 day fiancé [but] I’ll never watch a TLC show again if you don’t stop supporting these people.”

No One Said Anything Good About TLC

Certainly, it seemed that most people can’t think of any good things about TLC right now. Or, at least they focus on Josh Duggar rather than anything else. Clearly, TLC might need to consider canceling the Counting On show.

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