Has Kaleh Left The Clarks On Seeking Sister Wife?

In last week’s episode of the TLC reality show, Seeking Sister Wife, Jared Clark, and Kaleh ironed out issues and came to terms with her work schedule. Jared has never been a fan of her working two jobs but accepted that she could continue if she could spend more time with the family. Kaleh agreed with him and added that she would create the time to visit him, his wife Vanessa, and the kids more often.

However, with the lockdown measures imposed in North Carolina during the coronavirus outbreak, things changed suddenly. How did the lockdown affect the Clarks’ and their sister wife, Kaleh?

Has Kaleh Departed The Clarks’ Home?

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic globally, production work was halted as filming of the Clarks season couldn’t go on as planned. When it became safer, filming resumed. As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown protocols, Jared became both father and mother, as he worked from home while taking care of his four kids. This was because Vanessa’s work still took her outside the home. Kaleh had been asked by the Clarks to stay with them during the lockdown but she refused.

At the time of the strict lockdown measures, Kaleh was still going to work as a customer service agent while staying with her friend. To reduce the risk of the Clarks’ kids getting infected with the virus because of her constant contact with the public, she decided to stay away while adhering to the safety protocols.

Jared did try to contact Kaleh but her voicemail box couldn’t accept any more messages. Many Seeking Sister Wife fans began asking if the Clarks wanted Kaleh to be a nanny to their kids. Though it would have lessened the burden on Jared if she was around more often.

Has Kaleh Left The Clarks On Seeking Sister Wife?


Eventually, they got in touch with Kaleh and decided to give her the leeway she yearned. They decided that it was best for both parties to part ways. The decision left Vanessa devastated, as Kaleh was the first sister wife she had and lived peacefully with for two years. Jared was more understanding of Kaleh’s decision to be more focused on her career but felt she didn’t need to leave their home to achieve her aim.

What Will The Clarks Do Next?

With Kaleh leaving their home, Vanessa hopes that she will get another sister wife before long. She admits that Kaleh could not be forced to fulfill her role as a sister wife and sees why they had to part ways. On his part, Jared has swiftly gotten over Kaleh’s departure. In the video trailer to tease fans about the next episode, he is seen relating with another woman called Emily. He has been flirting with Emily for a while and asks if she would like to hang out with him and Vanessa.

On their family’s Instagram page, Jared and Vanessa revealed that they need a sister wife. Their move could be a contravention of the publicity terms regarding shows on the TLC network.

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