Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Says She Needs to Hone Her Knife.

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal Meri Brown is having a hard time in life at the moment. She recently lost her mom, Bonnie, about a month ago. She is still grieving. Also, it seems her work at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB in Parowan is taking away her sleep; or she is just emotionally worn out. Either way, she has to work hard at the moment to take her mind off things. Fans think she is stressed about Kody when she talks about honing her knife.

Is She Honing Her Knife to Back Get at Kody?

Alongside mourning her mom, it is quite obvious to fans that Kody has not been good to her. He seemed quite unapproachable for her during the latest season. Although he had always been like that, it is not easy mourning a loved one alone in an unhappy relationship. Meri has talked about being in unimaginable pain, saying that time feels like hell. Thankfully she met with her sisters who are also grieving and she said they recalled memories. Hopefully, this helps her heal faster.

Meri Brown And Her Sisters Ponder Over Their Mother, Bonnie’s Death

Meri was still in shock of Bonnie’s passing after three weeks. She took to her Instagram to tell her fans how she was finding comfort in her sisters. She said in her April 16 post that her mom and dad had passed, however, they left behind a very big family legacy.

She and her sisters hung out and chat about Bonnie amidst tears and laughs. She said that she and her sisters talked about why it had happened and they started to see the little things that had been going on. They wondered if these little things were some kind of preparation for the end.

Meri is somehow finding solace in her daughter, Mariah’s dogs. Meri’s fans know she loves dogs; everyone feels that dogs are the best companions when the heart is broken. Recently she posted a few video clips and photos of the two dogs with her. She spoke about some kind of unconditional love she gets from spending time with the dogs.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Says She Needs to Hone Her Knife.

Some of her fans feel she loves the dogs more than Kody, because of the love she feels with them. Kody is not there for her, either on the show or when she is mourning her mother.

The Sister Wife Star Spends Time with Her ‘Grandkids’ On The Lawn.

Meri brown shared some pictures on her Instagram page on Thursday, 6th of May. The picture had her leg, feet, and two dogs on the lawn. She wrote about relaxing and the dogs looked relaxed. She also spoke about resting and recharging; she stated that she was always on the go and she wants to make time to rest, which she finds difficult.

In the post, she stated that it is necessary to always hone the knife as a blunt knife cannot cut through anything. She explained that it is important to say no at times and reminded fans to not allow anyone to push them to do things out of their disposition. Her message has nothing to do with Kody.

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