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Derick Dillard Graduates At University Of Arkansas Law School

Derick Dillard, the former star on TLC’s Counting On worked very hard for his law degree. Intelligent, he already obtained a degree but he returned to school. Working part-time, and helping to raise his two boys with Jill Duggar, he finally reached his goal and proudly graduated on Saturday, May 9, 2021. The graduation took place at the University of Arkansas.

Derick Dillard Graduates, Jill Gives Her Husband A Shoutout

Jill eagerly shared lots of news about her husband’s progress as he worked his way steadily through his law studies. Sometimes, his son Israel sat with him at his desk as he studied. For a long time now, fans speculated that he studied law to take on TLC and Jim Bob Duggar over Counting On payments. However, it opens up plenty of other new opportunities for him. Recently, Jill shared that they received his gown and cap in the mail, so finally, he graduates soon.

On Saturday, Jill took to her Instagram Stories and shared a photo of herself and Derick Dillard getting ready for his graduation ceremony. She seemed so proud of her man and deservedly so. Derick Dillard spent hours and hours slaving away at his studies for his finals. Perhaps now, they can relax a little bit. He previously studied at the Oklahoma State University. Qualified in Business Administration, Economics, and Accounting, he then studied law at the University of Arkansas.

The Ceremony Streamed Live

The ceremony which revealed Derick Dillard graduating was live-streamed by the University of Arkansas on YouTube, If you want to watch it, Derick appeared at 1:02:12. The video was titled “School of Law Commencement.” Perhaps, as they took a lot of care with social distancing, fans didn’t see his proud wife in the audience. After all, their faces were all covered up in masks. Perhaps Jill shares more photos later on Instagram.

Derick Dillard Graduates At University Of Arkansas Law School

Derick Dillard previously also shared about his graduation. He took to his main Instagram and noted that it’s been exactly “10 years” since he graduated from “OSU’s School of Accounting.” He took the opportunity to give his mom and his wife, Jill a huge shoutout. The Counting On alum said that without them, he’d never have managed it. He also wished them a lot of love for Mother’s Day.

Nice Mother’s Day For Jill

The timing of Derick’s graduation couldn’t have been better for Jill Duggar. After all, Mother’s Day followed the graduation. Hopefully, she felt wonderfully relaxed as a new and brighter future awaits them. For now, fans just need to wait for more news on where Derick works and if it means that perhaps Jill might be able to attend some sort of courses as well.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about Counting On alum Derick Dillard.

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