Bachelorette Spoilers: Fans React To Cheesy Cat Contestant

Bachelorette spoilers already emerged about Katie Thurston and her contestants and now more came in a teaser. It seems like every season, there’s a cheesy effort by contestants to dress up or do something plain weird. In Katie’s season, one of them dressed up as a cat and another one brought along a blowup doll. Well, fans reacted to the way Katie took the wind out of cat-man’s sails.

Bachelorette Spoilers About Cheesy Contestants

Katie Thurstone’s season already filmed, and fans know plenty of hunky-looking guys compete for her heart. However, even before the premiere on June 7, some drama came as she shared a photo of herself kissing another woman. However, she later noted that her friend Casandra Suarez simply kissed her on the neck as a gesture of friendship. So, she said sorry about upsetting anyone in the LGBTQ community.

The Bachelorette spoilers that revealed some of the men dressing up for the initial greeting seemed similar to other seasons. Someone always makes a cheesy move and they nearly always end up sent home. At least it distracted from the kissing incident. In the past, contestants across Bachelor Nation messed up badly. Who can ever forget Robyn Howard crashing and burning with her acrobatic efforts?

Cat-Man Gets The Wind Taken Out Of His Sails By Katie Thurston

Bachelorette spoilers reveal it’s never a good idea to be so cheesy that it’s predictable. When the teaser aired on Instagram, fans mostly loved it. However, they giggled at the cat-man. When he got out of the car, Katie said, “I think it’s purrfect.” Well, she “stole” his pun, he claimed. One Instagram fan commented, “You stole his pun, this is amazing. Poor guy was probably running lines all night and you took the wind out of his sails.”

Bachelorette Spoilers: Fans React To Cheesy Cat Contestant

Being a jolly good sport, about the Bachelorette spoilers, Katie replied, saying, “I can’t talk about it right meow.” So, another fan quipped, “Did you flea the scene?” Then, one of them noted, “hope you didn’t hurt his felines 😂.” All in all, for his cat-man efforts the contestant just flopped big time to the amusement of ABC fans. One fan talked about how the limo entrances sometimes bring the best entertainment, though.

Remember Lacey Mark and Nick Viall?

Perhaps the cat-man should have watched a few of the older shows before dressing up. Remember that Lacey got smart by arriving on a camel. She said to Nick Viall, ” I heard you like a good hump.” Well, she only lasted two weeks before he sent her home.

Other memorable Bachelorette spoilers brought a farmer on a tractor for Hannah Brown. One rare successful attempt at cheesy costumes involved JoJo Fletcher with Ben Higgins. She went right through to runner-up after debuting her full-face unicorn mask.

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