Below Deck Adventure Will Air On Bravo, Unlike Down Under

Below Deck Adventure and Down Under rumors came some time back. Later it was confirmed that the two new spinoffs come from Bravo. However, Bravo fans seemed bitterly disappointed that the Australian show only airs on Peackcock TV. However, the good news is that Adventure definitely comes on Bravo. Additionally, it might also air via Hayu.

Below Deck Adventure Films In Norway

While fans who tune in on Peacock and watch Down Under will see exotic scenery with reefs and stunning beaches, not the same thing comes with the cold-water show. The @belowdecksailing account on Instagram confirmed that the cold-water show makes a difference in the franchise. In the comments, they also suggested that in time, Hayu might pick it up as well as Bravo. In fact, when people complained about Down Under only airing on Peacock, they seemed hopeful about the network picking that one up as well.

Below Deck Adventure is confirmed as filming in Norway, a very cold region. Probably, nobody slides into the water there. At least, not without a full drysuit on. One fan speculated that perhaps they see polar bears in the show. However, the Instagram admin gives away very few spoilers. Nevertheless, TV Deets notes the experienced production team. “The spinoff is produced by Shed Media, most well-known for Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of New York City.”

“Mark Cronin is…set to executive produce,” along with other familiar names. Meanwhile, “Grace Lee is the showrunner and executive producer.”

Cast And Crew On The Boat

One person keen on Below Deck Adventure asked about the crew. However, these names don’t come yet. The Instagram admin noted, “These shows were JUST announced but expect all new casts!” So, it’s not likely that fans see any familiar faces from Med and Sailing. One fan felt the show might never take off with fans, claiming “nobody likes the cold.” However, the reply noted, “Cold-water vacations are HUGE! I know quite a few people who have gone on Alaskan cruises, for example. But I’m Canadian so… 🤷🏻‍♂️😂.”

Below Deck Adventure Will Air On Bravo, Unlike Down Under

Other snippets of information emerged in the comments about Below Deck Adventure. One fan who knows Norwegian waters noted that Norway’s very “beautiful,” But “Mother Nature” can be very tricky. Still, the crew is “ready” for it. While some fans want warm water scenes, it sounds like Bravo diverges away from that and that helps keep fans interested. After all, so many spinoffs already came along in the past.

Plotlines for the new spinoffs

The storyline for the show hasn’t been released yet. However, like the new Down Under and previous shows, Bravo fans should expect difficult and demanding passengers. No doubt, lots of drama also comes from the crew.

Remember to check back with us often for more spoilers, news, and updates about Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure spinoff.

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